Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A wonderful end of 2016

Bismillah and hello 2017! ♥

Alhamdulillah I have achieved  most of my wishlist in 2016.

1. Umrah
2. Kuching
3. Get CEng
4. Write a book
5. Wean off Aisha at 2
6. K 30 surahs
7. Save 60k
8. Copyright
9. Gold any exhibition

I started the year with us performing umrah, I miss Makkah and Madinah everyday. Everyday for the rest of my life now.

Then, I spent about a week in Kuching.

I managed to wean off lil Aisha at 2y2m

Managed to get gold in ITEX and SIIF 2016, Alhamdulillah.

Filed one copyright for my Master student.

Recently, I officially obtained my Chartered Engineer, the ones I worked for since end of 2014.

And a couple of days before 2016 ended, my book is launched.

Just when I thought wishlist number 4 is yet to be achieved for 2016, I got an offer to publish one.

A reminder for me to always ask from Him. Nothing is impossible for Him. Ask and have faith.

Alhamdulillah, I am so blessed. I hope 2017 will be an even better year. And I hope I get the chance to be in the place where my heart belongs and the ones that I long to be again this year, in shaa Allah!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Bukit Tinggi

It has been a while since we went on a holiday, so for Christmas, we spent ours in Bukit Tinggi,

I stayed in Meranti Park Suites I rented via AirBnB. RM450 per night. On the way, I dropped by to my old neighbor's wedding. Say hello to my childhood friend, Athirah!

First day

I loveee our apartment a lot, and Nicole was very helpful!

View outside our apartment

We headed first to Animal Farm, RM5 per entry. The kids had fun.

We had barbecue outside the apartment that night, food was super expensive here.

Second day

Started our day early, which was lucky as the traffic got heavier later on. Paid RM15 per pax to get at the top of Bukit Tinggi.

Colmar Tropicale, so breathtaking.

Watch out for the performance time, some dancing and at the end, the kids can dance with the dancers as well.

Hiked further up, you will find a Japanese Village.

There is also organic farm and botanical garden in the middle of jungle. And adventure park. All muka so tired already, so no pics worth uploaded, heh!

Barbecue again at night.

Third day.

Woke up with a misty morning!

Went to see the horses but joyride was too expensive. 7 times more expensive than here. So, no joyride and K was a bit cranky.

Of course, this girl couldn't care less. Sibuk cari kucing while orang tengok kuda.

At the club house, there were all sorts of entertainment.

Played two rounds of bowling and archery and we headed home to a busy week. So many things to update! Happy new year everyone!

Monday, December 12, 2016

The secrets of people who never get sick - A review

So I just finished reading this book.

Lemme just share the 25 secrets (not really secrets, peeps!)

Let's first talk about number 5, if you have been reading my blog for quite some times, you'd know that I've been having issues with Khaira's cough a while ago. Among the advises that I received to strengthen her lung is to have a cold shower every morning. To begin with, she started to use hot shower the moment she went to Kindy and when the coughing drama started.

Number 6 on detoxification, I've always had  a bad eczema growing up. I have no fingerprints, so I have special letter from JPN, but the hassle is unbelievable. Alhamdulillah, I'm used to it now. My eczema is almost gone since I detoxify myself and started to eat clean. Fasting is a way to detox as well. I did mine using juices back then. And still doing it every now and then.

Number 9, garlic with olive oil massage all over K's chest and feet helped eased up her cough as well.

Number 15, napping. Rasulullah's sunnah, peeps! My favourite!

And number 24, Vitamin C, K is on supplement at the moment until she is really stable. I used Transfer Factor and Champs.

She is on Goat's milk everyday now, and I found that she has been at her healthiest since she started Kindy, Alhamdulillah.

Overall, I am happy with this book. I rate it 3.5 over 5.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The unexpected expected question

"My last question, as usual, why would you want to be a Chartered Engineer?"

Slap, on the face.

That was how I felt.

I stunned for a good 30 seconds, I guess.

I should have anticipated that question.

You know how sleepless my nights were preparing for the interview? You know how many articles I read? How many people I have asked about the interview? How long my list of anticipated questions and answers were? You just wouldn't believe the extend I went through for this one.

An hour interview prior to the question was smooth sailing with Allah's will, but this.

I stunned and I could feel my hands shaking. So, I hid them under the table.

"I was ignorant when I first started joining in IET," I could not believe that just came out of my mouth.

WHAT WAS I THINKING? Telling stories of my life to the panels??? Come on!

And I spent a good 3 minutes talking about how much I have learned since I became an IET member and I am sure there are lots more I could learn if I was given an opportunity to be a Chartered Engineer.

Here I am, for a PROFESSIONAL interview and I talk about "learning"?

Continuous learning and networking were my main points. What was I thinking???

"I could have answered it better," almost cried of frustration when I called hubs after the interview.

Frustrated of myself. So much.

"I should have anticipated that question. What was I thinking?" screamed. At the top of my lung. And I shut myself from everyone that day.

"Must be a reason why Allah SWT did not open your heart to anticipate that question, Sayang," Hubs calmed me down. "Were you honest when you answered the question just now?" He asked.

"Yes." That was my honest intention as of why I opt to get a Chartered Engineer.

"Your sincerity will get you through. Assuming you anticipated the question already, would you answer it the way you answered it just now?" He asked.


I calmed down a bit.

And Love was right.

My sincerity did get me through.

And as usual, everything always happens for a reason.

Alhamdulillah, waiting for my registration number from the Engineering Council, and you'll be looking at a new CEng, yay!

Timing is so nice where my uni needs a professional engineer to stabilize the PE-student ratio for our EAC accreditation. It feels good to give back ♥

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weaning off Lil Aisha!

I finally weaned off Lil Aisha at 2y 2m.

But the method I used is completely different with K. Read how I weaned off K here.

I had it easier with Khaira. But with Aisha, I've somehow forgotten to give her heads up earlier. Since my milk production was Alhamdulillah quite plenty with Aisha, I didn't really mind her being clingy with my milk all the time.

With Aisha, she didn't mind the taste of salt at all! *cries* (yup, i put salt there!)

Slow talk worked slowly with her, too slow for me, I needed to weaned her off pronto.

So, this tough mom put coffee for this tough baby and she hated the brown colour that the coffee was making and within 2 days, stopped completely. Alhamdulillah.

"Did you miss her clinging on to you?" Love asked.

Nope. Not at all. Without hesitant.

I mean, I cherished that two years, but not gonna miss it, nope.

My big girl is too cool for susu ibu already ♥

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Love's Master Convo Finalllyyyyyyyy!!!~

I remember Love started doing his Master back when I was pregnant with K. K is five now.

Guess what?

He finally graduateddddddd!!!! Alhamdulillah.

People said he had it easy for thesis because he has me to push him, tak jalan ok, he did not do anything for two years.. stuck at thesis. Tak dengar cakap this one, so.. noo, I hope he's not considering to do his PhD, otherwise the headache is on me ;p

To be fair, he has a hectic schedule at work. Nonetheless, he did awesomely well for coursework.

Jokes aside, congratulations Sayang!! I'm proud of you!

Remember how he proudly wore T-Shirt on my PhD and Master convocation years ago..

Look what I surprised him withhhhhh... Tadaaa

It says "Attending my Abi's Master Convo"

Much love, everyoneee!!!~

Monday, October 31, 2016

Baby girl turns 5!

Khaira's obsession to horses and ponies are getting way out of hand, hence the theme this year is obviously, "My Little Pony".

I ordered the cake from #shaeryscake and Shaery suggested me to use the actual figurines so K could use them as toys afterwards. Brilliant!

School has been tough these couple of months for her. Just about she got comfortable with her new teacher, Teacher Maria, she changed to another teacher, Teacher Omi, a guy. She is not comfortable with guys, so just imagine. On top of that, some of the teachers like to turn off the lights to silent the kids after class while waiting for the transport. Drama sekejap, but I must praise Genius Aulad they took my complaints seriously. Unlike the other kindy K used to go.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday my Princess!! Toddler years have been challenging as it is when K's immune system is developing, but Alhamdulillah, only with His will, it is all manageable and she got better and better as her immune system becomes stronger and stronger.

Be healthy baby girl so that you could do more to contribute to Islam. I love you to the moon and back!