Thursday, January 22, 2009

A stranger that inspires me..

Not many people gave me a good impression the first time I met them. Not even my boyfriend. As a matter of fact, I can still remember those people whom I instantly impressed when I first knew them. See, love at the first sight doesn't work for me.

That is why I am quite slow at making friends. But I love meeting new people... (Well, who wouldn't?) Because there is always, always, ALWAYS a gem inside that someone no matter how colourless it appears on the outside. Even more interesting, the more colourless they are, the better the gem inside.

So, yesterday morning I had an interview. After more than 2 hours waiting for my slots without having anyone to talk to, not even the 2 guys besides me.. A chinese guy came to me. He was so decent and he was the only one who was wearing blazer for that interview.

Him : Hye, finish preparing?
Me : (Shocked) Yup.. I'll be in within 5 minutes.
Him : U want some coffee, let me take u a cup before u go in.
Me : (Flattered but still in shocked) Nvm, too nervous for a coffee, maybe afterwards. But tq tho.
Him : U must be Miss Nurul rite?
Me : (Even more puzzled) Yup.
Him : (Before I could asked him how did he know my name, he explained calmly) Owh, I have the list of those who came to the interview. (Of course, I have that too, but I dunno ur name!! So, he showed me the list. Under my name, is my Undergrad ID number. Before I asked, he explained again..) I'm from Uniten. Since it's only u n me from Uniten, I tried to find u, maybe we can go together for this interview, but I cant find u in the database.
Me : Owh.. When are u presenting?
Him : I'm in the evening session. But I came early just in case something's came up. (For real?)

Then after my interview, I went to see him again. I hardly accepted any coffee invitation from a guy before cuz I'm not comfortable with that. But this time, I wanted to know him more. So I went to him. The first words that came out from his mouth.

Him : U were inside exactly 15 minutes. (Staring at his watch)
Me : I know, the panel said the same thing to me. What? U're recording my time inside?
Him : (Smiling) U want a thank you card?
Me : A what? Thank you card?
Him : Yup, I have an extra card. U can give it to the panels and sign ur name there.
Me : That is thoughtful. Btw, u might want to install ur powerpoint first before ur slots if they allow u to.. because just now, the lappy had a hard time reading my thumby. (Happy to help, since he helps me a lot)
Him : It's ok I guess. Cuz I saved it also in CD and floppy disk.
Me : (Who else is using CD and floppy disk nowadays.. but that is very very.. how to put it.. well prepared) Owh kayy.. But u know what, the presentation is only 4 minutes. I'm preparing for 15 minutes slides. Sigh.. If u can find any source to the comp, maybe u would want to alter ur slides.
Him : Owh, my lappy is inside the car. (Of course, u bring ur lappy, well-prepared boy!)

Then, we had our coffee. Being such a gentleman, he took the coffee for me. But before he went to take that cup of coffee, guess what he asked me? "U want coffee or tea? With sugar or creamer?"

Then while having our coffee, during one of the funniest conversation we had, a few drops of coffee spilt at his white shirt. I am panicking and quickly gave him the tissue he gave me earlier. Then, he said......

Him : Nvm, I had... (I cut it before he finished his sentences)
Me : Extra shirt inside ur car? Of course... (Smiling)
Him : (Smiling back) Yup, let me walk u to ur car.

And so he did. So this entry is a reminder for me and maybe for all of us, on how well-prepared someone can be at a time. Some might call him skema, or a geek or whatever, but I call him as another inspiration, where he had cleared the road with a lot of stones in front of him before he actually took that route.


sumayy said...

ikeeenn..i'm impressed by him too~. he is a picture of a successful person in life. well, add more....mayb later, on e shirt thing..huhu~ & mayb relate on e last lecture story..or mayb i'll write instead..wanna b reminded of such stories often;)

ikeenochi said...

please write some last lecture sort of stories that happened in ur life!!~ Kak sumay, I will definitely treasure that now and years ahead nanti. Btw, this piece of story is inspired by Randy Pausch..