Monday, May 25, 2009

Are u in love or are u in love with the memories?

People change. It's a fact.

I used to love 911 (the boyband) a lot. My fav song is 'The day we find love'.

Then as I got older, i didn't listen to boybands anymore. Boybands were so childish. The song were so jiwang. And I started to listen to Hip Hop. I was all obsessed about Eminem.

After a while, he got overrated. So, I started to fall in love with rock band like Greenday and Smashing Pumpkins. Then the music industry evolved again. Now it is more to disco or club music that i can't bear to listen to. So i stayed with 90's music which i found more pleasing to my ears.

People change.

Although i don't listen to current boyband's songs anymore, at times i still tune in some songs from 911 or boyzone although to be honest i don't really like the music anymore.

But why?

I guess somehow the memories of that song were so strong that it tricked ur mind to like it. u don't like that song, u just love the memory it reminded u.

Sometimes i wonder, am i in love. I am a big girl now. I look forward for different things, u know? Cute look of the boyband's lead singer doesn't seem to be appealing anymore. Alter-ego of a person doesn't seem to impress me anymore.

I want something deep like 'Viva La Vida'. Good music, excellent lyrics, deeper.. way deeper than it seems. But it seems like i can't let go of the past. It feels like the boyband is a part of me somehow. All the memories i had, so I wonder do i still like their music or do i just like the memories of their music.

I want different things. But the memories still linger and I got confused more than ever.

And the worst thing is.. it's not about music at all :( If it is, i could just play my greenday album and listen to it till i'm tired of it, which i'm sure i never will...

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