Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Today I'm early to work. Owh.. wait, my definition of early is that i came at 8.02am. My working hour starts at 8.ooam. ;p Normally i would come at 8.30am, (but i compensate that with coming home late, really late, i work nearly 12 hours a day), so today i'm considered as early. I have this habit of being not punctual. Even for my classes during undergrad, what more for work. But as if that is not bad enough, i normally hardly care if i got scolded for that, realllllyyyyyyyyy baaadddddddd habit ok!

But today, i am so motivated to come early to work everyday. Why? Here's a story about a girl named Suraya in my tuition centre. A typical normal story but i wondered why it touches me so deeply.

As i mentioned before, i was a part time tutor for a Standard 1 students in this particular tuition centre. Once in a while, i developed this habit of being late for tuition, though not as bad, but still. Last Tuesday, after buka, i was so full and having a lot of troubles to get up to work. Pemalas.. Ish.. ish.. After a bit of whining and complaining and knowing that i was going to be 5 mins late for the class, i parked my car and rushed to my class.

I saw these 3 girls from my class were playing with the whiteboard. (They have a funny habit of getting excited at erasing somthing from the board. For example, after my class, they would eventually fight, i repeat FIGHT to erase the board. And i was gladly giving them turns of who would rub the board). Deep in my heart again, was complaining on how naughty they could be. I mean i always love kids, but these kids gave me a second thought. Ahha.

Suraya was one of the naughtiest girl in class. Last week, she was absent, the week before was exam week so i did not have to come, meaning i havent seen her for three weeks in a row. As soon as they saw me coming, Suraya gave me the sweetest smile EVER, i seriously mean EVER, and half screaming, "Teacheeerrrrr" ever so manja that my heart just melted there, like a chocolate bar during summer.

See, i learned a lot of things from them, more than i could probably teach them. And with Suraya on that day, i learned that once u gave a little piece of your happiness to a person sometimes, u just gave an impact that is way beyond whatever u could think of.

Being so happy yesterday, when the office phone rang, instead of complaining, i picked up chirpily and it was one of my friend's supervisor. He would normally said hello in a very serious and monotonous way. But after hearing my "Hello" yesterday, he got so chirpy in return and replied in the same upbeat tone as mine.

Just a thought, imagine that Suraya is this supervisor's daughter. Once he got so happy with the phone call he received earlier, he might went back home and shared part of his happiness to her daughter, Suraya. And being so happy at home, Suraya went to the tuition centre and share her happiness with me, cycle of happiness, everybody comes home happy and satisfied.

Just an innocent act of kindness from an innocent little girl and i am fully motivated for the whole week. Suraya.. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Simply platonic

I was there on Saturday to witness his graduation. I remembered the first time i met him 6 years back in Upten. We didn't talk much. He asked for my number from Mel. We chatted online, then on the phone for minutes, then for hours, went to the same class together and before I knew it, life is never the same without him.

We went shopping together. We went out for dinner together. He would always ALWAYS picked me up (since I am not allowed to drive at night) although when he stayed in Shah Alam and had to come all the way to Equinne, then we had dinner in Mid Valls, and he would send me back to Equinne and then back to Shah Alam. Before we went back, we normally would stay outside my house and just talked about crap. About UFOs, aliens and all the silly things in this world that only we cared about. He was so knowledgeable that he taught me a lot of thing.. good or bad.. but simply because he said he'd knew i'd manage to differentiate them.

He was not the best person for others. A lot of my friends thought i was weird cuz he was a bit different from others. But what people did not know is that he was there with me.. through thick and thin. And the very best part about us is that; we never had any weird feelings for each other or talked about any feelings at all.. if both of us never beleived about platonic relationship before, this is the first time.

There was one time, when i had the worst time of my life. Last year. He went all the way from Shah Alam to fetch me from office and bring me jalan2 all around Putrajaya for days, although he was sick. So sick until one time he couldn't even drive and we dropped by at the clinic. How lucky i am to have such beautiful soul as my bestfriend?

Through all the years, sometimes we didn't manage to contact each other for weeks.. still when we talked to each other, it feels like we're with each other all the way, though this post might sounded quite romantic in some ways, i tau u tau what i meant. i tak tau if u ever going to read this, but if u do, Naqiuddin Basharudin.. there are so many things i would like to thank you for, as for now i would like you to know how proud i am in your graduation day :)

If you remembered one simple message u sent me about 5 years back, "I hope our friendship continues to grow beyond this stupid uni", well...