Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I want to be a good wife to my husband. I really do. Not just another wife, I want to be a superwife. I wanted to make my hubby happy, cuz seeing him happy in return never fails to make me happy.

I did not have much examples of a newly married superwife that inspired me. My cousins were all depending on maids, or mums or some in a long distance marriage, so I really did not have any idea how superwife should be like.

I've always inspired by Posh and Becks since they are always with each other through thick and thin. And always ALWAYS holding hands in even the most ridiculous situation. So I began to call this one newly married couple in my office, Posh and Becks --> Indonesian version, cuz they're foreigner. Haha. They would always hold hands each time I saw them, even when they were eating. (Seriously! My friend, once even got disgusted with them)

See, the wife was a lecturer back in their country. And both of them came here because the hubby is furthering his Master. The wife had to stop working completely, and each day is filled with following the hubby to office. Which I think is a big sacrifice, from a career woman to a full time housewife, with no entertainment, no friends, and her life is her husband. Amazing, huh?

So, yesterday, this lucky husband came to my office and told me that he just finished his research. Trust me, I hardly even talk to this guy. But, he came eventually, with the wife. And told me that because of that, to say thanks to Allah, the wife cooked some Indonesian foods for everyone. Sweet kan?

And thatfood, which I forgot the name, tasted like one of the best thing I've ever tasted. Probably because of the sincerity of this wife. And while I was eating that, I stopped and pondered, how thoughtful that wife was. I couldn't stop thinking of her. The husband must be really proud and happy having her as a wife.

Today, as I was browsing through fb, i saw the husband's status..

Alhamdulillah Alat research ini sukses dan kami sujud syukur di Lab, semua ini tak kan ada artinya tanpa pengorbanan dan perjuangan isteri saya yang selalu menemani saya dengan sabar siang malam di Lab dan selalu memberikan semangat dan membantu memeriksa pekerjaan mahasiswa dan memasak makanan yang enak2. Semoga Allah... yang mampu membalas semua kebaikan isteriku dan juga semua pengorbanan orang tuaku.

And when I read that, I immediately replied..

Your wife inspires me to be a good wife later on.

And I seriously mean it. There goes, I finally have a newlywed superwife as an inspiration. Alhamdulillah, doa dimakbulkan.