Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kedai lampu murah

Trust me, I've been wanting to blog about my new house since like forever.
But due to time constraint, I hold that thought for a while.

The whole month last month, Love and I were actually busy hunting for the lights for our house.

We'll get the key anytime now since we’ve finally closed the deal with our lawyers and pay the entire differential amount yesterday. So, big yay!! :D

After what seems like forever looking for the best kedai lampu, we found one in Puchong! Of course, the best time of the year to buy them is during end of year like this because... it’s CLEARANCE SALE!!

But before buying any lampu, we threw a visit to our home (which btw is walking distance with my mum’s) and counted the lampu’s point, also counted which point requires lampu atas and lampu tepi.

Since Love and I were totally opposite from each other, before any purchase, we made a deal, I was going to choose the lights for these particular areas, and he was going to choose for the rest. Else, we would end up with a big argument, hehe.

So this fav kedai of mine was suggested by Dad (my dad loves decorating the house), the name is “Top Ten”. If you come from Uniten to IOI mall, it is right before IOI mall on your left hand side you, can see it from the highway.

The purchase..

For dining area, I chose this, Love was not so happy about this ;p I freaking love this, plus it has 60% off.

For lampu tangga (side), he chose this, I chose the colour, black.

3 of these for all the toilets, each tak sampai 10 bucks :)

Bought 8 of these for the rest of the house; i.e kitchen, porch, rooms.

This is chosen by Love for our living room. In a different shop near Top Ten, no discount, but I don't mind at all. Name of the shop: "Ten-Gro Lighting". Cantik!

So, lampu dah settle for the whole house. Costs us around RM400 only. :)

Next purchase is curtain. Shopping masa CNY sale.

Awesome Friday!

An awesome Friday indeed!!

1) It's holiday.. because we won the AFF Suzuki Cup, whee!! We are proud of you, Harimau Malaysia!!

Holiday=date with Sayang!

2) BFF Qdin is coming home for summer. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Panic attack :(

FAITH.. such a strong word.

You can do something and still be successful at it even when you have no faith in whatever you're doing.

But, the satisfaction? The joy? The confidence?

Those are the things that you don't receive in return. And if you don't receive that, whatever you're doing is simply called 'work'.

Quoting from David Shakarian (GNC), "I never worked a day in my life. It's not work when you love what you're doing."

I remember some mornings I woke up when I was doing my Master research, where I just sat in front of my make up table, numb, shutting the whole world away and just cry. You just woke up, feeling so numb, so static and all you need to do is move forward, even just one step.

Such panic attack..

..that I'm having one now. The first for my PhD.

"When Allah guides me to it, He'll guide me through it".

Insya Allah.

Please grant me the strength, to move even a tiny bit. Cuz that tiny steps will lead to something so much larger.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheap stuff that is rich

Sometimes it is amazing what you can find in a pile of clearance sale thingy.

Near my in law’s house, we have this convenience store called MaxValue, it’s like a small version of Jusco. They sometimes have clearance sale that nobody would bother to look for.

And about a couple months ago, they were letting go all books for RM5. You know how books and I were so inseparable, I decided to take a look, although in one glance all I could find was some lousy children books that I would never buy for my kids.

Then, I found this..

For RM5.

And honestly, I bought it because of the caption “International Bestseller” on top. And the price, of course. And yes, the urge of buying books everytime I saw them, I know.. :( But hey, at least I can claim from the income tax!

But surprisingly this book is far beyond impressive!

You know how in life, people couldn’t stand different type of people in their life. Some couldn’t stand those who shout at them every now and then, others couldn’t stand sarcastic people or someone who said yes for everything, but actually never did anything that they have promised before.

I couldn’t stand two types of people: the “No” and the “Whiner”.

The “No” just annoys the hell out of me. I am optimistic, and if that particular someone is constantly thinking everything is impossible, I got upset.

As for the “whiner”, not that we can’t whine. I whine to my friends every now and then. But a constant whiner is different. Those who keep on thinking that every smallest thing in the world possible is a bad luck for him/her really make me depressed. Please be thankful for what you have, other than keep on looking for what you don’t have. Ugh!

They annoyed me that bad.

Until I read this book. Now I know how to overcome those feelings towards them. Of course, it takes a lot of practice to actually overcome them, but practice is what I’m willing to do.

May Allah SWT guide me to be a better person each passing day. Ameen.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Minggu terasa pandai

Had my geeky moment last week.

Won the best paper award for 2010 IEEE International student conference, IEEE SCOReD. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to all my supervisors, and to the one in Oman, I hope I make you proud. :)

Love was there during my presentation and when I received the cert! Whee!! Terasa extra pandai!

Andddd.. terasa even more pandai when I was invited as the session chair for the conference. All the other chairs were Drs. and Assoc. Profs., only two people who are yet to recive their doctorate were given the honour to be the chair.. Me and my undergrad's lecturer, who is now still my mentor.

Read the email they sent me...

"You may be advised that this position has been nominated among the experts of each related field." --> Terasa pandai. :)

Alhamdulillah. May this encourage me to work even harder.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The most thoughtful gift

Just received the most thoughtful gift from Love..
A life insurance.
*wipes tears*
So sweeettt..
The best thing in me is you..
I feel so blessed. Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A road trip a.k.a kahwin lari to Dannok!

Last entry emo dah buat orang sedih.. Maaf ye, biasela perempuan kan ada time emo ;p

Ok, stop with the emotional story, I've had a blast these past few days.

About a month ago..

Love: Joms gi Thailand?Me: Joms! Bile?
Love: Next month, kita drive nak? (with a really exciting tone)Me: Serious?! (He nodded excitedly. Without thinking, with an upbeat tone and wide smile, I said..) JOMS!!
See, this is what happened when people approached you on something, full with enthusiasm. You got caught in that excitement, you tend to agree without thinking. Stop it Sayang, I know your trick already. (In my head, I heard his voice telling me, "You knew that trick looongggg time before Sayang, you still fell for it"). Pftt..

So, anyway we planned to go to Hatt Yai, but Garmin was not working there (actually we didn't know that we were supposed to update our Garmin before we went there, haha!) Half way to Hatt Yai, we got so annoyed with the Thai signboard that we barely understood, we took a detour and decided to stay at Dannok.

Some of the pictures..

In Sungai Petani, Radix Fried Chicken, I've been wanting to have this since the first time I ever heard of it. And this is sooooo much better than KFC!! Bigger, healthier (organic), cleaner, cheaper, yummier, OMG so good, I feel like I would go all the way here again just to have a bite of that chicken.

The border..

How did we know we were already in Thailand?

Where else can you find elephants by the road?

And this yummy deep fried seafoods, which Love had to stop me from having more due to my allergy.

And this small pineapple, which also Love scolded me from having one since he was scared it might hurt our baby IF i was pregnant.

Some of the things we bought for our new house..

Such short trip that we will forever treasure.

But please, don't let your bf or hubby go there with their guy friends. A lot a lot a lot of hooker ok! Yang super hot. Like super super hot (not like the ones in Singapore). And lingerie shops are everywhere. Even their massage place looks dodgy.

So, I suggest if your hubby or bf asked for your permission to go there, you better tag along. BUT, you have to bear the feeling of not so high self esteem when you're looking at those super hot prostitutes.

And if your husbands are good at comforting you, he might end up saying like what Love told me..

Me: Hot gile! Sayang suke la tu!Love: Eeeww!! HIV.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Opportunities - Entry emo

Not the best day of my life..

You know in life we have so many needs?

Ok, at least I have so many needs. The needs of finishing my PhD, of having fun with my husband in every corner of the world, of having a big home with my kids running around, of having a red mini cooper, and the list goes on.

Sometimes we pray and pray hard for some things to happen in our life. And once, someone asked me, "When that opportunity comes, how do we know that it is meant for us?"

I paused. And looked back.

I've always wanted to be a lecturer. Once, before I finished my Bachelor Degree, I overheard my classmates talking about this particular lecturer who were looking for a Research Assistant. I immediately went to see the lecturer, and she was there, she interviewed me immediately, and I started working with her even before I finished my Bachelor. And now, she is the one that brought me here, my supervisor, my guidance through my Master, and currently my boss and my supervisor for PhD. The one I really looked up to. The one that gave me my dream job. I'm sure everyone has encountered such situation.

Anyway, in one of our sentimental moment, I messaged her, "Thank you, Puan for taking me in the first time I saw you. It means the world to me."

And her reply for me, "You're worth to be brought in here to begin with. You asked for it, you get it and you deliver.. the best that you could."

How sweet is that woman, kan? That's why I love her a lot.

Well, anyway, my point is not that. Point is, a lot of us asked. But once that opportunity is in front of us, can we actually deliver? (Reminder to self, also.)

Stop with all the excuse. Like my dad always said, "If you keep on finding solutions you'll find it, if you keep on finding excuses, you'll find a lot of that too."

Sangat sangat marah when people use the kind of excuse, "Takpelah, nak buat mcm mana, takde rezeki.."

OMG!! Please! You're not the one who decides whether ada rezeki ke tak. It's Allah SWT that should decide. Takde rezeki means, you work hard for it day and night, but if you still didn't get it, it's ok, Allah SWT has a way better plan for you. Takde rezeki means something like my flight to Bandung, I wanted to go there badly, then due to volcanic ash takde, so I redha. If you don't work for it, mcm mana you boleh kata takde rezeki?

This is so disappointing.

People can't keep pushing and pushing you to the top. I sangat sangat sangat disappointed, I nearly cried.

And I cried because I love you. A lot.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Loving it!

Been super busy these past few days! Let me give you quick updates and reviews on what I have been up to lately..

1. Cherating

Took a day off and had a blast at Cherating with Love. :) My first visit to Cherating and definitely won't be the last. It was without a doubt the most beutiful beach (yang bukan island) I've ever visited in Malaysia. If island, it has got to be Pulau Beras Basah, Langkawi!!

Lucky that we went during monsoon, which also the time for surfing!

2. MAHA 2010

Had a visit to MAHA 2010 with my colleagues last Friday. I was not into these kind of things actually, but I figured it was great to throw a visit anyway. Lots of plants and foods and fruits and rabbits!! Comel gils, better than pets wonderland's rabbits. I WANT A PAIR OF RABBIT, PLEASE! I don't have any pics there by the way, too pack to camwhore! ;p

3. Barbeque and Partini

Had a barbeque at Nadrah's. Such awesome awesome night! Read all about it in her blog! Thanks, Nadrah, told ya you're a great party planner! Picture is from Nadrah's blog.

4. KL Motorshow 2010

Again, this is not my things. Was there with Love since he is a major car freak. He was busy with the cars, while I was busy looking at the show girls. Seriously, how freaking gorgeous are these girls, I couldn't take my eyes off them.

Me: "Fuiyo, Sayang, amoi tu cepat tengok, hot gile ok!"Love: "Ape ntah! Sibuk je amoi2 ni!"
Me: "What crap are you talking about? They are like super hot!"
Love: "See, I'm here because of the cars. And these people were so busy taking pictures of the girl with the car I couldn't even get inside the car. If they want to see girls, go to fashion show instead."
Me: "Geez, you're weird!"

I don't understand guys, seriously. The only car that caught my interest is this..

Which later that night I found out that it was the car that Tunku Abdul Rahman drove when he went to Dataran Merdeka to announce our independence. See, I was born geek.

5. Us on TV1

Did you watch us on TV1 last night? :) I feel like a superstar already! It was a show where they interviewed us for the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia-Korea Diplomatic Relations. Luckily, we've got to watch it. Unluckily, MIL and SIL were in Korea and we've forgotten to record it for their sake. Sigh.. Still, I'm on TV! Yay!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mini futsal tournament

You know who else is being creative?

None other than my dreamer friend, Nadrah.

Last year, for her bf's birthday, she did a surprise white birthday party at Chef and Brew.

And this year, she did a futsal tournament for his birthday. Can you imagine?

Such a lucky guy.

Siap ada food, trophy and cake.

Since they insisted, I bought a cake for Love, tumpang sekaki.

Sometimes I pitied Love since I never had such extravagant celebration for him. I hope he's ok with it. Some people are good with planning, like Nadrah, she's a genius. Me? Haha. I'm a genius too. Ameen.

I said sorry to him once, he said he's so ok and happy with how I celebrated his birthday. So, i took his words literally. Cuz they said, when guys say something, they really mean it ryte? Girls je yang have double meaning and all. So I don't really need to thin slice, ryte? I should just trust him, ryte? Ryte?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Gorgeous!

Happy birthdaaayyyyyyyyy, Sayannnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! (Dengan suara high pitch yang super duper annoying)

Anyway, it was Love's birthday yesterday. :)

Since he stole my idea of kidnapping him to a hotel (great minds think alike), I decided to get creative.

The celebration started with me bringing him for a night cruise!! At Putrajaya :)

It was seriously romantic. These pictures describe better. Feels like we're falling in love one more time.

Then for his birthday lunch, I brought him to Revolving Restaurant at KL Tower. He kept on complaining to me that he never been to KL Tower before. And kept on complaining that I once went there without him.

Yup, i went there with the disabled Japanese people back when i was a volunteer for the Japanese swimming team. I miss these guys a lot.

Anyways, food was so-so. Salmon was super delicious, Sushi was unbearable. Others were just ok. But then, buffet kan, so it was worth it.

The view, was worth the money :) Worth the time. Worth the hard work of finding some place special for him. Worth the time calling the reservation number like mad only to find it kept on engaging. Worth it all, thank you Maria for the suggestion.

Even better, we then got to visit the observation deck for free.

I also did a mini scrap book for him.

What i bought him for his birthday? Haha. It was a gem for him, but myt be a colourless stone for others. So, tamau share!

Anyway, Sayang.. Happy Birthday kay? .iloveyoualot.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adventures of Kapal and Ikeen - Singapore

First and foremost, thank you guys for praying the best for us (link here). I have been planning for the whole year to go to Bandung and as some of you might know, my flight to Bandung has been cancelled due to Merapi's volcanic ash. And the flight has been resumed the day after our flight, nampak sangat it is not our rezeki.

We can only plan, but only Allah SWT knows what is best for us. I have no complain though, because after a lot of work to do with AirAsia, and also a lot of extra money needed to be paid, we managed to get a flight to Singapore (since AA won't allow us to reroute to Jakarta) the next day and we had a lot of fun. I doubt we would have this much fun in Bandung. So, syukur Alhamdulillah :)

The preparation:

Since we only had a night to prepare for our trip, we came up with this itinerary:

Googled on the top 10 Singapore attractions in Trip Advisor and how to get to places using Googlemap.

And since we heard that the things there were quite expensive and that it was not easy to find halal food, we bought a lot of food, such as these

First day
As I arrived to Changi airport, paid $2 and took a bus to tour some part of Singapore. Then we bought the EZlink card since we would be travelling by public transport all the way. Their bus needs us to pay the exact change, else they would not return you the change. So the EZlink card was worth it. Starter pack, you have to pay $12 ($5 for the card + $7 for the credit inside). And you can top up for multiple of $10 for each time. The whole three days by bus cost us $22 each.

Changi Chapel and Museum
A geeky holiday is a must for me, so I did not want to bore you guys to death, but here are some of the pictures here (if you are interested to know more about World War II). The funny part was that Love had more fun the I did. Whee!! I'm turning him into geek :D Anwyay, admission is FOC, but we could not take pictures inside, so this is all we had..

Orchard Road
Somewhat like our Sungai Wang, but a more elegant version. All the shops are either equivalent or better than Pavillion. I was not into shopping (though I did buy a sweater and some souvenirs here), I was more keen to look around the architecture. Man, seriously, they were so freaking awesome!! Try take a look..

Second day

Sentosa island
Our highlight of the trip. Super duper beautiful island. So green (the whole Singapore is really green and clean by the way) and gorgeous and interesting, I would like to live in Sentosa! Entrance by bus is $2. Then you can get to anywhere inside Sentosa via their public transport absolutely free!! If you would like to take any package or any ride, you have to pay. For us, we went inside The Merlion, Images of Sinagpore, TigerSky and CineBlast, all these for $36.70. It was worth the money. Their technologies will just amazed you. I feel like living in another planet already.

The island


Images of Singapore

TigerSky tower, CineBlast and Siloso Beach

Bugis Street
Seems like a Flea market, like our Downtown. Cheap shirts. Cheap souvenirs (Unfortunately I bought mine at Orchard Road). Love bought 3 Thirts here, each cost him $12, but the quality was the same to the Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt he bought in Sentosa for $39. Ladies, the dresses were sooooo nice, average price was $10 to $12!

Third day

Singapore Zoo
Needless to say, their zoo is already known for its beauty and the white tiger. White tiger is the main reason why I was dying to visit Singapore. We bought the Zooper Saver for $27, with unlimited trem and boat ride!


I tried their Mamak. Ours are so much better and full of spices.

I tried KFC at Sentosa Island, ours is better. They don't have Hot and Spicy, they have Crispy though but Love and I agreed that it was tasteless. Original also not so nice. Coleslaw was the worst!

I tried the famous Singapore Zam Zam at Arab Street. One of the best Chicken Beriyani ever! The portion is so big, just $5 and both Love and I were already full.

I tried the must have BK double beef with turkey bacon. The best burger ever, coming from me who really dislike burger. Seriously the best! Chilli's who?

Fragrance Pearl Hotel

You can read my review here. Cost us RM300 for two days, definitely worth it :)

Public transport

We travelled only by bus and MRT. You will survive, seriously. Their buses interval was like 4mins each and the bus stops were everywhere!


Super duper friendly. Whoever said they are Kiasu? I even received a free Hershey's pie!


Would definitely go there again. In fact, Love loves it so much that we were thinking of doing sabbatical there!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Climb

I've been listening for "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus almost every day during my Master's degree. It became a pill that I have to take every morning to get me through the toughest time of my Master's journey.

So, when friends keep telling me about Broga Hill, I knew that I just had to reach the top one day.

That morning of Deepavali, I invited my two brothers to come along since they were such big fans of all these outdoor activities. Our mission was to see the sunrise.

It was really dark and slippery that morning, I couldn't see a thing. I slipped off a few times and for the first three times, my two brothers would stop and helped me out and said, "Kak, ok tak ni?" First three times je, then they were nowhere to be found.

I missed the sunrise eventually, was dead slow. As I got about three quarter to reach top of the hill, I called my brother and they were already on top boasting about how beautiful the sunrise was. Benci!

I decided to give up. I was tired. I smelled disgusting. I felt like throwing up. I couldn't imagine I survived to go down the hill, what more to climb even higher. But Love psychoed me with his annoying inspiring words of motivation and threatened motivated me that he too wouldn't climb up the hill if I wouldn't. So, I feel obliged motivated to continue the journey.

And, I was glad I did. Because as it gets steeper, it gets closer. Sort of like my Master, and now PhD, I've to overcome the resistant.

If Allah gets me to it, He'll surely get me through it. Insya Allah. :)

P/S: Sayang, you're an inspiration ♥

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flights to Bandung has been resumed

Alhamdulillah, 2 more days to go and..

Source: Airasia

Doakan yang terbaik untuk kami ye :)

Friday, November 5, 2010


Just got back from having my X-Ray done in Daya X-Ray in Jalan Raja Laut.

First attempt..
The radiologist: "Your image is too blur, .... (add some medical term i never heard of in my life), I need to take your x-ray again".
Me: "What probably cause it? Did i move?"
The radiologist: "No, probably because your face is too small"

Second attempt, pray hard..
The radiologist: "Still a bit too blur. I have to make a phone call." (On the phone for about 5 minutes, talking something about the machine had some problem. Hang up and said to me..) "Let's do another one."
Me: "Another one? That is not acceptable ke? You know how many cells you've killed in my body today, kan?" (Almost crying, I'm such a paranoid, ok)
The radiologist: "Sorry mam, but we have to do it one more time, I'm going to increase the exposure."

Third attempt, pray really really hard..
The radiologist: "Still blur. I don't know why. Let me check with the doctor."

At this point, I cried a bit. I have a very VERY wild imagination. Those who really know me can understand this. My imagination is so wild, that I could imagine how orange my tummy looked like after eating Super Ring.

Then, I heard the doctor shouted at the radiologist something like this..

Doctor: "What's the point of me sitting here, you should see me before you take another x-ray, machine got problem. Off the machine, on and try again."

Then the radiologist came to see me.

The radiologist: "We need to take another x-ray. Off and on the machine. We have some problem with the machine."

That was when I've had enough.

Me: So, if you off the machine and on again, can you assure me that the x-ray is working?
The radiologist: No. But we won't charge you anything for the previous x-rays.
Me: It's not about the money, mam. It's about my health. My cells. You are the radiologist. You should know the danger of having too much exposure, right?
The radiologist: Yes, but you are going to wear the plumbum gown. What is your concern, mam? Are you pregnant?
Me: It doesn't matter whether i'm pregnant or not! I just don't want to be your lab rat, okay! Seriously, you should x-ray one of your stuff, and if the machine is ok, then I'd consider doing another x-ray. (At this point, I started to raise my voice.)
The radiologist: Hold on mam, I'll try it one my staff first.

Love and I waited outside for a while. Then, the receptionist called us. And asked for a payment, and gave us the x-ray. Just like that. Love asked for justification.

Love: Just now the staff said we have to try another time. How come now you said ok?
The receptionist: I'm not sure. But you have to pay RM60. (Rude!)
Love: The situation is like this.. (explained about the situation and again asked how come we suddenly have to pay if just now everything was not ok)
The receptionist: I don't know. It's not my problem. Maybe your wife moved the first time. So have to take another two times. You have to pay RM60, thank you. (Very rude!)
Me: How could you say I moved when you know nothing about the situation? We are not paying. We would like to see the doctor. Thank you.

In the doctor's room..
Me: Hello doctor. I would like to have an explanation as of why the radiologist took my x-ray three times and about to take it for the fourth times, and suddenly now you're giving me that x-ray?
Doctor: She told me she took it two times only. I'm so sorry. Let me call the radiologist.

So the radiologist lied. The doctor is a very nice person, apologized. Truth is, the second x-ray is already sufficient. But it's true that the machine has problem. And that I don't have to do the third x-ray actually, if the radiologist would just show the doctor the result earlier. But I'm ok with it. Let bygones be bygones. Though it would be really nice to kill the cells of the radiologist as much as she killed mine.

Then we went to the counter and I paid and told the receptionist, "It was the machine's problem. Next time, you really have to learn manners and don't just assume something. I'm your customer. If you want to stay here working, you better learn PR"

She replied with something very rudely, and asked us to leave, even dare tell us to tell her manager if we are not satisfied. Can you beleive it?

That was when Love stepped in, and things get even worse.

Me? I just took her name and ID number and leave. She told me to tell her manager if we are not satisfied, didn't she? That pretty much solved everything.

Nobody talked to me in that manners. Nobody talked to my husband in that manners.

I told my friend about it, she asked me, "Why this kind of things always happen to you?"

I paused and think. I think it's because I'm able to deal with it. Because I don't just shut up and let people do whatever they wanted to do to me. I fight, for my right. And my husband fights even more for my right. And it's freaking annoying where we complained about it the whole journey back from Jalan Raja Laut to Ampang. But it didn't ruin our morning. Back to Ampang, we had a major laugh about it over breakfast, and it's one of the moment I will forever treasure..

My husband fights for my right :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Love made a spontaneous plan to i-City after BIL's engagement, reached there around 12 midnight. Since we are driving, the entry cost us RM10.

It was such a cooling, windy and romantic night. A romantic ambience, with the lights and the love songs and the small kids running around. Hehe.. Okay, such romantic ambience, but stop all the high expectations, Love and I think it's more of a family place rather than.. well.. a place for couples who are yet to have a courage to have kids like us. ;p

It's a place where you can bring your kids, take some pictures, buy them a laser pointer or that fancy headband with the lights on top. Then, they can bring them to school and boast around to their friends. You'll make them think like you are the coolest parents for a week, man!

Haha.. We're all a kid once. ;p

BUT, it is still a very romantic place to walk hand-in-hand with your better half.. a different kind of date. I don't know if people my age (what is 'people my age' even mean, i sound like my grandmother) do this anymore, but you know, the only constant in life is change. So if you ever get tired of the same movie-dinner date, you always have i-city, 24/7 a day, 7 days a week :)

P/S: I just discovered Photoscape, hence the pictures.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

BIL's engagement

It was brother in law's engagement last Saturday!!

It was the grandest engagement i've attended so far, everything was so beautiful!

The dais..

The bride..

The hantaran..



The cake we sponsored for Abang's hantaran..

Everything was beautiful and exciting on Saturday.

But came Sunday, we had to say goodbye to mum-in-law. She would be going back to Korea for 3 months plus tonight.

See, I've been clinging up to my parents since like forever. I couldn't really survived being far away from home, I barely survived even when I stayed in hostel during my uni years (which btw half an hour drive from their house je, poyo). And as far as I remember, they never left us more than 3 days.

So, MIL's 3-months-trip to Korea pretty saddened me, more than I thought I would. We couldn't even send her to the airport since Love is currently in JB for three days, that makes it lagi sedih..

I pray everything goes well with you, Omma.

And to Kak Izrin, I'm so excited to welcome you to this family. Blending in with this Malaysian-Korean culture might be a bit of struggle in the beginning, but once you're in married, you can see the magic of marriage, whereby it is so easy to love :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

To a soulmate :)

I miss the times I was about to go to sleep, you called and said "jom pegi minum, pick you in 5".

I miss the times when we were in your car, you had those weirdest soundtracks on with the weirdest song of all time, full blast, you couldn't even listen to me complaining.

I miss the times we sat outside my house and just talked about the weirdest things as if it was not even weird to begin with.

I miss the times when I was down, you always ALWAYS came up with something to make me feel that everthing is going to be okay, though I know you were not even sure about it.

I miss the times when life got complicated and you worried that you bothered me with your problems where in fact you just indirectly helped me understand love.




.I sounded gay.

Not that i feel the distance since he's a faithful friend of all time, calling me as if Aussie is next door, but, at this exact moment, i miss him a lot.

Probably because he's the only one that makes sense when i talk nonsense and thus, keeps me sane. Now, i don't even make sense, do i?

Whatever, I miss you and your ass is calling me. Again. You better not make fun of this, thank you.

P/S: I miss JustThai

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My beloved

If there is one thing being a lecturer had taught me, it is called 'patience'.

I was not born with it, try imagine. I lost my patience even when a salesgirl didn't even smile at my simple thank you.

Just yesterday, I made some scene in a clinic where the nurses asked us to wait for "20 minutes, doctor on the way", and i waited for one and a half hour. When Love started shivering waiting for the doctor and nobody came to clarify to us as of why the doctor was not there yet and when asked, the very rude nurse answered me, "we called, but the doctor said he had some banking matters, we couldn't stop him right?", she messed up with the wrong person. I left with the nurse ended up almost crying. Klinik Mesra, what?

Anyways, I've been through the stages of rebellious teenagers just well.. rebel. And I've been through the stage where I expected too much from them and ended up devastated. I've been through a stage where I got so mad that I shouted at them and ended up crying after class. It was so not nice to shout at your students, please don't do that. Been through a stage where I just be nice the whole semester without shouting at all and found that they just went over the limit.

Truth is, the blame is all on me. Haven't yet find the right formula.

But then one day, I kind of had a crush with 40+ years old Love's uncle (okay, crush is such a nonsense word, but he made me blush all the time, so you pretty much get what i mean) because he always opened the car door for me and held my hand in such romantic and definitely not pervert way and asked me about my day, about.. you know all the kind of things a girl wanted to be asked. And she treated me like the way all girls wanted to be treated.. like a lady.

My father in law once asked us, "How could us (older people) communicate with you youngsters in way you could listen to us?" My FIL is about the same age as my grandmother btw, so you see the age difference.

Love answered, "I don't know, just stop talking to us in your historic way!"

We laughed at his answers.

But then, that was the beginning of it. Of me treating my students like adults.

And they seemed happy. I received many thank you emails by the end of the semester. Evaluation showed improvements. i was happy.

Notice the word was..

because I just marked their final paper. And i got confused.

God, have i even taught them anything this semester?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kotak merah

Now that we're getting older wiser, we've found it hard to gather all of our friends together. So the moment Fiah messaged me on my birthday, "Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ konon2 i nyanyi lagu utk u la! hint: jom celebrate kat redbox?! haha"

I immediately answered, "When?"

Love and I made some kind of pledge to spend more time with our friends once we're married. I messaged the girls, Fiah messaged the guys.

Mel had to work but promised to come after work and Anis had to go back to Shah Alam. Some of the boys had to work also, on Saturday, haha.

So, we left with this..

And, Fiah brought me and Mimi this.. Sweet ok!

So sweet that it makes me a..

Some of the pictures..

Thanks Fiah! I heart you a lot!

P/S: Miss ya Mel, wish you could make it :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hold my hand, so we don't get separated :)

In life you’ll meet four types of people:

1. Ones that run
2. Ones that walk
3. Ones that sit
4. And ones that just walk backwards

Me? I used to run a lot. And grabbing those I love to run with me. If I fall, I wake up and run again. I wait for no one, so you have to chase me, the way Love chases me.

But lately I feel a little exhausted and decided to walk down the road while holding the hand of my better half and just enjoying the beauty of everything. I figured if I keep on running, I’ll never have time to truly enjoy myself.

Then, today, I met someone. Who used to push me to run faster. God, I missed him. And it’s clear to me now, that he is part of the reason why I run. And today, he makes me want to run again.

I don’t want to sit still, because I’m still young. Full with energy and enthusiasm. Once I get to my finishing line, I will sit down and relax.

I don’t want to walk backwards because I’m so keen to know what’s in front of me. Whether it’s pretty or ugly, you’re the one who interpret it. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder after all.

I don’t want to walk because I found joy upon reaching the checkpoint.

And I don’t want to wait along the way because I know we’ll meet at the finishing line. Don’t ask me to wait, run with me. Don’t ask me to slow down, because that’s what everyone has been telling me, RUN with me. Don’t scared that I’ll fall because what doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger.

And if you’re scared to run with me because you’re scared I’ll leave you alone, behind, wake up. A friend after all is not someone who waits with you through thick and thin, but pushes you to be better, through thick and thin.

Cheers to the last checkpoint of my education life, PhD. Halfway through, Bismillah..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Of uncertainty

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life where you've planned like a lifetime to do that something, and when that day comes, you kinda have a cold feet?

From something major like the day you are about to get married, and you paused for a while to think, are you sure this is the end of your single life

Or something even simpler like a weekend plan to go up all the way to Batu Caves and that morning, paused and wondered whether you can do 272 steps.

Oh, btw, Batu Caves was awesome. Even better than I thought it would be. Such beautiful God's creation that made both of us speechless. And looking at other religions made Love and I realized how simple Islam is. As Dad mentioned to me once, "You have to learn about other religions, then only you can appreciate the true beauty of Islam."

Anyhow, here are some of the pictures we took the other day..

We had fun. Too much fun. And we had plans, of doing this and that for the next weekends and so on. Next Saturday we are going to i-city, then to Broga and so on..

On the way back from my in law's yesterday, Love and I had a serious discussion on our decision of having a baby.

We decided to start working for one after Bandung, but now both of us are having a second thought.

Our initial plan was to start working for a baby after a year of being married. But when friends started to pressure us, and Mom and relatives kept asking the most annoying questions everytime I eat a lot. Both of us paused and wondered and have the kind of thought that we SHOULD have a baby.

But seriously, the world is rushing us around!!
We seriously want a baby. But not now. We want to have a blast as a husband and wife first. We want to go everywhere we want without any responsibilities. We want to really get to know each other before we are attached with the responsibilities of a lifetime. Don't get me wrong, I surely think both of us will have fun raising our future babies, but as for now, we want a different kind of fun.

Sorry mum, I might disappoint you.. But it's our life and we want to enjoy every step of the journey. Not rushing to next stage.

And if somehow while we planned, Allah SWT wants to give us the bundle of joy, Alhamdulillah. He definitely knows us better :)

To those who keep scaring me whether I'm not scared of planning, I have faith that the rezeki comes from Allah SWT. :)