Friday, April 23, 2010

The whole facebook generation

All these while, I've always been labelled as the "facebook" generation by my aunts and uncles. I think it's funny for them to call me that because they have facebook themselves. And I don't really see the generation gap between me and my aunts since we are really close with each other despite of our age difference that I would usually forget they are years older than I am.

But today, I suddenly see how it feels like to be in their shoes.

See, my fiance has a beautiful 11 years old niece. I've known her since she was 4. Time flies so fast, that I was really surprised when she added me as a friend in facebook.

And.. when I saw her photos in facebook, I got even more surprised. What the.. Why are you biting your lips like that? No no no, posing like that with that 3 inches heels doesn't make you look like supermodel, you're way too young for that! And please cover your legs from that super mini skirt!!!! And why the heck would you organize such grand slumber party, go study please!Ugh!!

OMG!!!! I sure feel like my aunts.

I surely had enough when I read a comment from an 11 years old boy in her facebook asking about her friend in hot pants with lots of flowers as its design (yes, hot pants!)

11 years old boy ok! How dare!

Suddenly I thought of my niece, Qistina. She is now 9 years old. I wonder if she had a facebook. Or if she is thinking of having one. Please don't add Aunty k, Sayang?

And my nephews. Then, I feel like crying.

I seriously have an issue with facebook for under age now. Gosh, I really have to sort this up before I have my own child. Aunties, please don't browse through my facebook photos, thank you.


Dr. Ikeen said...

OMG!! Now she's posting her dance routine with her friends... (T_T)

dinajais said...

really???omg!im soo lucky my nieces or nephews are yet to be in the facebook nation. even so, 11 u say? kapal's niece? aaa...ape nk jd ngn future generation ni!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Yaaa.. 11 babe. Pelik ryte? Sedih i. Haritu i gi jumpe my niece and she already asked me what is facebook. And i said, "it's a stupid thing you should avoid" Then she said, "Tapi, Mummy has one!" Lol.