Tuesday, June 22, 2010

National Art Gallery

Sebab dah kahwin, tak mature la kan kalau still pegi tempat2 mcm dulu. So we thought of being a grown up and throw a visit at the National Art Gallery last Sunday.

Okay, I lied.

Actually we HAD to go to National Art Gallery cuz I had to work last Sunday. Pfftt.. But it's ok, I have off in lieu.

I was participating in an exhibition called Innofest, which unfortunately nobody cares about our invention cuz they (including me and boss ;p) were too excited for the magic show! lol!

But actually, I'm quite glad that I went to the National Art Gallery cuz I never knew it was an exciting place to visit. For an instance, this is the entrance, nice ryte?

And look at this piece of art, made of some copper wires called 'The Couple'..

Love fell in love with this drawing from Farid Raihan called 'City Trap: Bomber still linger over my head' cuz apparently it's one of the drawing that he can get the meaning straight away. ;p

He also like this P. Ramlee stuff..

But, I prefer Latiff..

Anyway, I must show you my fav!

Allahu Akbar. Cantik kan?
The time that we went, National library had some renovation going on, so we did not manage to visit some of the auditoriums. Look at the construction symbol, pon sgt cantik.

And the toilet signage..

I want to go there again..

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sweetdrugADDICT said...

seriously ikeen? giler nerd :p