Monday, August 2, 2010

Preparation for my Master's graduation!

I just received my graduation robe!!!!!!

And OMG!! It's so cantik!! Perfect! Perfect! :)

My convo is this Saturday, peeps!!!! Can you beleive it??? After days and nights with coding and fuzzy logic stuck in my brain, it's all worth it!!

I'm so gonna sleep with my robe tonight!!


kzedz said...

Ikeen, congratulations :)
I am happy for you.. All the best and wish me luck too for my study.. Teehee :)

Mawar_Mohamad said...

Tahniah ikeen!have fun sat ni and upload pics grad k :)

dinajais said...

congrats kid!!!! have a blast celebrating ur success! :)

Dr. Ikeen said...

kzedz: Thank you!! All the best to you too. You can do it kays? Petite rocks!
Kak Mawar: Ok, thank u Kak!
Fai: Tq! That i surely will!!!