Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding photos

During Ramadhan the other day, I received my wedding album from our official photographer. A month plus late, and the service myt not be that satisfying, but the best thing is that I super love the photos! The editing is exactly like I wanted it to be, bright and natural :)

Let me share some of my fav. shots with my dear readers..


After aqad, Love did it 1 shot ok!!

He tried to kiss my forehead, but awning tudung kacau a bit, so kiss my cheek instead.

In my room, with a custom made door gift Love gave me as Valentine's present when we were in form 5, and the gift was handmade by one of my BFF, Fai!


Make up nicely done by my fav make up artist :)

Inside nenek's car, arriving at the hall.

Entering the hall with Metallica's Ecstacy of gold as our theme.

Our pelamin, which supposed to be grey and white by the way.

Makan beradab

Cake cutting ceremony in Korean outfit custom made from Korea.

Singing Kau Ilhamku arahan nenek, tak suke!

OUTDOOR PHOTOSHOOT @ TUGU NEGARA (Told ya i'm patriotic)

With one of our hantaran, Gibson SG!

More photos at my facebook :)