Saturday, October 30, 2010

BIL's engagement

It was brother in law's engagement last Saturday!!

It was the grandest engagement i've attended so far, everything was so beautiful!

The dais..

The bride..

The hantaran..



The cake we sponsored for Abang's hantaran..

Everything was beautiful and exciting on Saturday.

But came Sunday, we had to say goodbye to mum-in-law. She would be going back to Korea for 3 months plus tonight.

See, I've been clinging up to my parents since like forever. I couldn't really survived being far away from home, I barely survived even when I stayed in hostel during my uni years (which btw half an hour drive from their house je, poyo). And as far as I remember, they never left us more than 3 days.

So, MIL's 3-months-trip to Korea pretty saddened me, more than I thought I would. We couldn't even send her to the airport since Love is currently in JB for three days, that makes it lagi sedih..

I pray everything goes well with you, Omma.

And to Kak Izrin, I'm so excited to welcome you to this family. Blending in with this Malaysian-Korean culture might be a bit of struggle in the beginning, but once you're in married, you can see the magic of marriage, whereby it is so easy to love :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

To a soulmate :)

I miss the times I was about to go to sleep, you called and said "jom pegi minum, pick you in 5".

I miss the times when we were in your car, you had those weirdest soundtracks on with the weirdest song of all time, full blast, you couldn't even listen to me complaining.

I miss the times we sat outside my house and just talked about the weirdest things as if it was not even weird to begin with.

I miss the times when I was down, you always ALWAYS came up with something to make me feel that everthing is going to be okay, though I know you were not even sure about it.

I miss the times when life got complicated and you worried that you bothered me with your problems where in fact you just indirectly helped me understand love.




.I sounded gay.

Not that i feel the distance since he's a faithful friend of all time, calling me as if Aussie is next door, but, at this exact moment, i miss him a lot.

Probably because he's the only one that makes sense when i talk nonsense and thus, keeps me sane. Now, i don't even make sense, do i?

Whatever, I miss you and your ass is calling me. Again. You better not make fun of this, thank you.

P/S: I miss JustThai

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My beloved

If there is one thing being a lecturer had taught me, it is called 'patience'.

I was not born with it, try imagine. I lost my patience even when a salesgirl didn't even smile at my simple thank you.

Just yesterday, I made some scene in a clinic where the nurses asked us to wait for "20 minutes, doctor on the way", and i waited for one and a half hour. When Love started shivering waiting for the doctor and nobody came to clarify to us as of why the doctor was not there yet and when asked, the very rude nurse answered me, "we called, but the doctor said he had some banking matters, we couldn't stop him right?", she messed up with the wrong person. I left with the nurse ended up almost crying. Klinik Mesra, what?

Anyways, I've been through the stages of rebellious teenagers just well.. rebel. And I've been through the stage where I expected too much from them and ended up devastated. I've been through a stage where I got so mad that I shouted at them and ended up crying after class. It was so not nice to shout at your students, please don't do that. Been through a stage where I just be nice the whole semester without shouting at all and found that they just went over the limit.

Truth is, the blame is all on me. Haven't yet find the right formula.

But then one day, I kind of had a crush with 40+ years old Love's uncle (okay, crush is such a nonsense word, but he made me blush all the time, so you pretty much get what i mean) because he always opened the car door for me and held my hand in such romantic and definitely not pervert way and asked me about my day, about.. you know all the kind of things a girl wanted to be asked. And she treated me like the way all girls wanted to be treated.. like a lady.

My father in law once asked us, "How could us (older people) communicate with you youngsters in way you could listen to us?" My FIL is about the same age as my grandmother btw, so you see the age difference.

Love answered, "I don't know, just stop talking to us in your historic way!"

We laughed at his answers.

But then, that was the beginning of it. Of me treating my students like adults.

And they seemed happy. I received many thank you emails by the end of the semester. Evaluation showed improvements. i was happy.

Notice the word was..

because I just marked their final paper. And i got confused.

God, have i even taught them anything this semester?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kotak merah

Now that we're getting older wiser, we've found it hard to gather all of our friends together. So the moment Fiah messaged me on my birthday, "Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ konon2 i nyanyi lagu utk u la! hint: jom celebrate kat redbox?! haha"

I immediately answered, "When?"

Love and I made some kind of pledge to spend more time with our friends once we're married. I messaged the girls, Fiah messaged the guys.

Mel had to work but promised to come after work and Anis had to go back to Shah Alam. Some of the boys had to work also, on Saturday, haha.

So, we left with this..

And, Fiah brought me and Mimi this.. Sweet ok!

So sweet that it makes me a..

Some of the pictures..

Thanks Fiah! I heart you a lot!

P/S: Miss ya Mel, wish you could make it :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hold my hand, so we don't get separated :)

In life you’ll meet four types of people:

1. Ones that run
2. Ones that walk
3. Ones that sit
4. And ones that just walk backwards

Me? I used to run a lot. And grabbing those I love to run with me. If I fall, I wake up and run again. I wait for no one, so you have to chase me, the way Love chases me.

But lately I feel a little exhausted and decided to walk down the road while holding the hand of my better half and just enjoying the beauty of everything. I figured if I keep on running, I’ll never have time to truly enjoy myself.

Then, today, I met someone. Who used to push me to run faster. God, I missed him. And it’s clear to me now, that he is part of the reason why I run. And today, he makes me want to run again.

I don’t want to sit still, because I’m still young. Full with energy and enthusiasm. Once I get to my finishing line, I will sit down and relax.

I don’t want to walk backwards because I’m so keen to know what’s in front of me. Whether it’s pretty or ugly, you’re the one who interpret it. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder after all.

I don’t want to walk because I found joy upon reaching the checkpoint.

And I don’t want to wait along the way because I know we’ll meet at the finishing line. Don’t ask me to wait, run with me. Don’t ask me to slow down, because that’s what everyone has been telling me, RUN with me. Don’t scared that I’ll fall because what doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger.

And if you’re scared to run with me because you’re scared I’ll leave you alone, behind, wake up. A friend after all is not someone who waits with you through thick and thin, but pushes you to be better, through thick and thin.

Cheers to the last checkpoint of my education life, PhD. Halfway through, Bismillah..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Of uncertainty

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life where you've planned like a lifetime to do that something, and when that day comes, you kinda have a cold feet?

From something major like the day you are about to get married, and you paused for a while to think, are you sure this is the end of your single life

Or something even simpler like a weekend plan to go up all the way to Batu Caves and that morning, paused and wondered whether you can do 272 steps.

Oh, btw, Batu Caves was awesome. Even better than I thought it would be. Such beautiful God's creation that made both of us speechless. And looking at other religions made Love and I realized how simple Islam is. As Dad mentioned to me once, "You have to learn about other religions, then only you can appreciate the true beauty of Islam."

Anyhow, here are some of the pictures we took the other day..

We had fun. Too much fun. And we had plans, of doing this and that for the next weekends and so on. Next Saturday we are going to i-city, then to Broga and so on..

On the way back from my in law's yesterday, Love and I had a serious discussion on our decision of having a baby.

We decided to start working for one after Bandung, but now both of us are having a second thought.

Our initial plan was to start working for a baby after a year of being married. But when friends started to pressure us, and Mom and relatives kept asking the most annoying questions everytime I eat a lot. Both of us paused and wondered and have the kind of thought that we SHOULD have a baby.

But seriously, the world is rushing us around!!
We seriously want a baby. But not now. We want to have a blast as a husband and wife first. We want to go everywhere we want without any responsibilities. We want to really get to know each other before we are attached with the responsibilities of a lifetime. Don't get me wrong, I surely think both of us will have fun raising our future babies, but as for now, we want a different kind of fun.

Sorry mum, I might disappoint you.. But it's our life and we want to enjoy every step of the journey. Not rushing to next stage.

And if somehow while we planned, Allah SWT wants to give us the bundle of joy, Alhamdulillah. He definitely knows us better :)

To those who keep scaring me whether I'm not scared of planning, I have faith that the rezeki comes from Allah SWT. :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Guess what I did buy for myself this year?

Yes! I'm getting "younger", thank you (T_T)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A surprise weekend getaway from Love

Love couldn't get a day off for my birthday this year. He usually took a leave, but sadly this year he could not. So he suggested to have the main celebration yesterday.

He laid out the plans perfectly for me. The plan was like this..

That morning we had some people from RTM interviewing us regarding all this Korean+Malay marriage (And yes, I'm gonna be on TV!). Since we usually overnight at my in law's on the weekend, I had all my clothes packed. So, later in the afternoon, he said we were going to go shopping at Ikea and Ikano for our new house, then had dinner at The Apartment, walked along Flea market, catched a movie or a karaoke, pretty much that was it.

I beleived him.

But as we got to Curve, he said, "Surprise!! I booked a hotel for us!"

So sweet, ryte? Only that, I thought of doing the same thing to him for his coming birthday. Damn, i need to find a fresh idea now! Great minds think alike :)

We stayed at The Royale Bintang, Damansara. The hotel was awesome, I dont want to leave.

Our hotel room.

View at pool.

The welcoming drinks, fruit punch.

We had dinner at The Terrace.

Food was so-so. I ordered Chicken Maryland and Calamansi Asam Boi.

Love ordered Lamb Cutlet which was way too small and Starfruit.

Forget about the food and service, man the ambience was super awesome!

We sat right in front of the live band. They played really soft jazzy music, sort of like "Estrella Sweet Bossa" and they played, "Everything I do, I do it for you" from Bryan Adams dedicated by Love to me.

It was heck of a romantic evening. Alhamdulillah, I must be so lucky to have him as a husband.

During all this excitement, I suddenly realized, man I have no sexy lingerie at all for my husband! He brought me to this fancy dinner and this really nice hotel and I just bought my ordinary pyjama, I mean who bring inappropriate lingerie to their in law's house ryte?

So, I made some lame excuses to browse through Blush and Metrojaya and even Flea Market, but gosh, you know how hard it is to find lingerie with the size of XS. I NEED LA SENZA.

About 10pm, I still couldn't find any lingerie, I started to think creative, browsing through all the Toga top and chiffon halter top when I saw a shop called Petite boutique.

And I found this adorable pink and brown polka dot with a very reasonable price, so I bought it, just before they closed the shop. :)

I had a nice weekend and I really really REALLY don't want to go back. Just before we leave the hotel, Love said something to me that really cheered me up, "Sayang, I can't beleive we're married, now we can go anywhere we want, anytime we want to."

I just smiled. Thank God, for blessing me with this sweetheart.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So, it only took 1 month to make my skin normal again.

1 month, with daily breakfast of fruits and veggies. The first week I had papaya every single morning, then cherry tomatoes, honeydew and this week banana. I discovered that the only reason I didn’t have any fruits at home previously was because there were only two fruits inside my refrigerator; apple and orange which both I didn’t fancy at all.

1 month with fish oil supplement makes wonders to my skin and hair. I discovered that no matter how much I ate all the yummy ikan goreng, it doesn’t really help, because the types of fish that I need to eat to moisturize my skin are the one with a lot of Omega-3. Eg: Salmon. I don’t eat salmon at home, i eat ikan kembung and ikan selar ;p

1 month with olive oil is definitely the fastest way to moisturize my skin! I eat, bath and sleep with virgin olive oil! Seriously! I eat olive oil, I put the olive oil all over my skin and hair before bathing and sleep with a thin layer of olive oil on my face. I should discover this earlier! Thanks Uncle Google!

Other small contribution factors are the humidifier, the whole lot of water I drink every day, the scrub and mask that I’ve forgotten exist on my dressing table and etc.

See, the thing is that I have been sooo down these past few weeks. With my stupid haircut, and my not so moisturize skin, I don’t even bother to dress up to work. Owh.. you haven’t heard of the stupid haircut story.

See for the past three years I’ve been going to the same saloon (as u know, I am a very loyal and play safe person). So, one itchy day, I decided to be adventurous with my haircut, and went to a new saloon, I asked for Summer’s haircut and she made me look like this..

Totally different and funny!!! Stups! There goes all my Raya pictures, with the worst haircut. Even Baby Amir didn’t like my new haircut.

The ONLY reason I didn’t go the my usual saloon to rectify the haircut is because Love won’t allow me to do so. He keeps on saying stuff like, “I like your haircut, it looks cute, bla bla..”

Then one day I begged for that new haircut, and when I come back he was like, “Ok.. this looks so much better!” Boleh tak?! Just allow me from the beginning kan makes our life so much easier!! I’m never believing in whatever he says about my hair anymore after this.

Anyways, this is my new haircut and skin, without makeup, yay! Dah moist! Hair pon (Not wearing any hair cream product and didn’t blow or anything)

After this, I’m going to take a very good care of my skin and hair. Promise!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A farewell is necessary before we can meet again

Such a nice Friday to mourn..

But I still mourn anyway, wearing head black to toe, suits my mood not only today, but the weeks before and the weeks that will come after today.


I hate farewell. The impact of this farewell might mean a lot to me compared to anyone else. There goes my teacher, my advisor, my trainer, my friend..

I hope this is not a goodbye. You will forever be missed.

Handmade by Aiman and Goh, where they etch the PCB board themselves, true engineers these two.
"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes,
A farewell is necessary before you can meet again,
And meeting again after moments of lifetimes,
is certain for those who are friends"