Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hold my hand, so we don't get separated :)

In life you’ll meet four types of people:

1. Ones that run
2. Ones that walk
3. Ones that sit
4. And ones that just walk backwards

Me? I used to run a lot. And grabbing those I love to run with me. If I fall, I wake up and run again. I wait for no one, so you have to chase me, the way Love chases me.

But lately I feel a little exhausted and decided to walk down the road while holding the hand of my better half and just enjoying the beauty of everything. I figured if I keep on running, I’ll never have time to truly enjoy myself.

Then, today, I met someone. Who used to push me to run faster. God, I missed him. And it’s clear to me now, that he is part of the reason why I run. And today, he makes me want to run again.

I don’t want to sit still, because I’m still young. Full with energy and enthusiasm. Once I get to my finishing line, I will sit down and relax.

I don’t want to walk backwards because I’m so keen to know what’s in front of me. Whether it’s pretty or ugly, you’re the one who interpret it. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder after all.

I don’t want to walk because I found joy upon reaching the checkpoint.

And I don’t want to wait along the way because I know we’ll meet at the finishing line. Don’t ask me to wait, run with me. Don’t ask me to slow down, because that’s what everyone has been telling me, RUN with me. Don’t scared that I’ll fall because what doesn’t kill me just makes me stronger.

And if you’re scared to run with me because you’re scared I’ll leave you alone, behind, wake up. A friend after all is not someone who waits with you through thick and thin, but pushes you to be better, through thick and thin.

Cheers to the last checkpoint of my education life, PhD. Halfway through, Bismillah..


Dr Sumayy said...

Woowwww. Inspiring!~. Keep on writing Dr Ikeenochi.. & keep on inspiring me!~ ;)

psst: well, dont worry, u can still run & enjoy the beauty along the way. How? u'll discover;)

Mawar_Mohamad said...

it's deep.but somehow i cant fully understand what ur trying to imply.wish i can relate to it.

Dr. Ikeen said...

Dr. Sumay: Let's runnnn!!!! I found beauty along the way with friends like you :)

Kak Mawar: Come let's join us once you graduate, then you'll understand :)