Friday, October 29, 2010

To a soulmate :)

I miss the times I was about to go to sleep, you called and said "jom pegi minum, pick you in 5".

I miss the times when we were in your car, you had those weirdest soundtracks on with the weirdest song of all time, full blast, you couldn't even listen to me complaining.

I miss the times we sat outside my house and just talked about the weirdest things as if it was not even weird to begin with.

I miss the times when I was down, you always ALWAYS came up with something to make me feel that everthing is going to be okay, though I know you were not even sure about it.

I miss the times when life got complicated and you worried that you bothered me with your problems where in fact you just indirectly helped me understand love.




.I sounded gay.

Not that i feel the distance since he's a faithful friend of all time, calling me as if Aussie is next door, but, at this exact moment, i miss him a lot.

Probably because he's the only one that makes sense when i talk nonsense and thus, keeps me sane. Now, i don't even make sense, do i?

Whatever, I miss you and your ass is calling me. Again. You better not make fun of this, thank you.

P/S: I miss JustThai


Mawar_Mohamad said...

Ikeen,i truly understand what ur expressing in this post as i am too going through the same kind of situation with a dear friend who's been close to me i used to regard as my soul mate throughout our friendship in the past 13 years of knowing each other.
I'd always think no matter what happens in the future,thosr who remain close in your heart and mind will always be a dear friend to u eventhough ur bound to be separated due to life's changes and other commitments.Anytime you just want to pick up the phone and say hi to this kind of friend,you'll always be welcomed with genuine warmth in reply.
Appreciate this kind of friendship as much as you can.Its rare!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Yup, it's rare. The are definitely friends for keep. :)And we are blessed to have them in oru life. Alhamdulillah.