Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Gorgeous!

Happy birthdaaayyyyyyyyy, Sayannnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!! (Dengan suara high pitch yang super duper annoying)

Anyway, it was Love's birthday yesterday. :)

Since he stole my idea of kidnapping him to a hotel (great minds think alike), I decided to get creative.

The celebration started with me bringing him for a night cruise!! At Putrajaya :)

It was seriously romantic. These pictures describe better. Feels like we're falling in love one more time.

Then for his birthday lunch, I brought him to Revolving Restaurant at KL Tower. He kept on complaining to me that he never been to KL Tower before. And kept on complaining that I once went there without him.

Yup, i went there with the disabled Japanese people back when i was a volunteer for the Japanese swimming team. I miss these guys a lot.

Anyways, food was so-so. Salmon was super delicious, Sushi was unbearable. Others were just ok. But then, buffet kan, so it was worth it.

The view, was worth the money :) Worth the time. Worth the hard work of finding some place special for him. Worth the time calling the reservation number like mad only to find it kept on engaging. Worth it all, thank you Maria for the suggestion.

Even better, we then got to visit the observation deck for free.

I also did a mini scrap book for him.

What i bought him for his birthday? Haha. It was a gem for him, but myt be a colourless stone for others. So, tamau share!

Anyway, Sayang.. Happy Birthday kay? .iloveyoualot.


Mawar_Mohamad said...

happy birthday kapal from mawar,mohamad and baby hamzah :)
nice idea on the night lakecruise.ive always wanted to try that with mohd in putrajaya but never got into it. so far we only went for nightcruise at ada hamzah prolly lg seronok nak give a much price ticket per person ikeen?(kak malas nak tgk its site,internet slow).

Syaza Nadrah said...

Best best!! Romantic giler~!

Dr. Ikeen said...

K. Mawar: Thank you Kak Mawar. If sightseeing je, the price is RM30 for an hour. If with fine dining, RM148 (food from Shangri-La) for 1 and a half hour.

Nadrah: Best!! Gi la Cruise!! I suke :)

dinajais said...

send my belated bday wishes to kapal! ur pics make me miss u guys more. gosh, i feel my life's course always diverts me away from what i love to what i need to learn from..shucks :(..rindu korang!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Fai.. ala.. sedihnye dengar. You can always read our updates kan? Rindu. Balik please!