Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mini futsal tournament

You know who else is being creative?

None other than my dreamer friend, Nadrah.

Last year, for her bf's birthday, she did a surprise white birthday party at Chef and Brew.

And this year, she did a futsal tournament for his birthday. Can you imagine?

Such a lucky guy.

Siap ada food, trophy and cake.

Since they insisted, I bought a cake for Love, tumpang sekaki.

Sometimes I pitied Love since I never had such extravagant celebration for him. I hope he's ok with it. Some people are good with planning, like Nadrah, she's a genius. Me? Haha. I'm a genius too. Ameen.

I said sorry to him once, he said he's so ok and happy with how I celebrated his birthday. So, i took his words literally. Cuz they said, when guys say something, they really mean it ryte? Girls je yang have double meaning and all. So I don't really need to thin slice, ryte? I should just trust him, ryte? Ryte?


nadra186 said...

Ala Ikeen.. Jgn la ckp mcm tu... I kalau bole nk cruise gak ngan ag.. i'm sure that is far more intimate... tp i belom kahwin... so tgg2 la dulu... celebrate rmai2 with friends... thank you so much for coming ikeen... sorry kalau i buat u trasa... can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Nadrah!!! Lol! I tak terasa la! I'm so happy for u and AG! Sorry i buat u rasa i terasa. Haha. I inspire your creativeness k. And I'm so gonna need your help for my future baby's birthday party! Jumpa Saturday k!! :)