Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A road trip a.k.a kahwin lari to Dannok!

Last entry emo dah buat orang sedih.. Maaf ye, biasela perempuan kan ada time emo ;p

Ok, stop with the emotional story, I've had a blast these past few days.

About a month ago..

Love: Joms gi Thailand?Me: Joms! Bile?
Love: Next month, kita drive nak? (with a really exciting tone)Me: Serious?! (He nodded excitedly. Without thinking, with an upbeat tone and wide smile, I said..) JOMS!!
See, this is what happened when people approached you on something, full with enthusiasm. You got caught in that excitement, you tend to agree without thinking. Stop it Sayang, I know your trick already. (In my head, I heard his voice telling me, "You knew that trick looongggg time before Sayang, you still fell for it"). Pftt..

So, anyway we planned to go to Hatt Yai, but Garmin was not working there (actually we didn't know that we were supposed to update our Garmin before we went there, haha!) Half way to Hatt Yai, we got so annoyed with the Thai signboard that we barely understood, we took a detour and decided to stay at Dannok.

Some of the pictures..

In Sungai Petani, Radix Fried Chicken, I've been wanting to have this since the first time I ever heard of it. And this is sooooo much better than KFC!! Bigger, healthier (organic), cleaner, cheaper, yummier, OMG so good, I feel like I would go all the way here again just to have a bite of that chicken.

The border..

How did we know we were already in Thailand?

Where else can you find elephants by the road?

And this yummy deep fried seafoods, which Love had to stop me from having more due to my allergy.

And this small pineapple, which also Love scolded me from having one since he was scared it might hurt our baby IF i was pregnant.

Some of the things we bought for our new house..

Such short trip that we will forever treasure.

But please, don't let your bf or hubby go there with their guy friends. A lot a lot a lot of hooker ok! Yang super hot. Like super super hot (not like the ones in Singapore). And lingerie shops are everywhere. Even their massage place looks dodgy.

So, I suggest if your hubby or bf asked for your permission to go there, you better tag along. BUT, you have to bear the feeling of not so high self esteem when you're looking at those super hot prostitutes.

And if your husbands are good at comforting you, he might end up saying like what Love told me..

Me: Hot gile! Sayang suke la tu!Love: Eeeww!! HIV.

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