Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cheap stuff that is rich

Sometimes it is amazing what you can find in a pile of clearance sale thingy.

Near my in law’s house, we have this convenience store called MaxValue, it’s like a small version of Jusco. They sometimes have clearance sale that nobody would bother to look for.

And about a couple months ago, they were letting go all books for RM5. You know how books and I were so inseparable, I decided to take a look, although in one glance all I could find was some lousy children books that I would never buy for my kids.

Then, I found this..

For RM5.

And honestly, I bought it because of the caption “International Bestseller” on top. And the price, of course. And yes, the urge of buying books everytime I saw them, I know.. :( But hey, at least I can claim from the income tax!

But surprisingly this book is far beyond impressive!

You know how in life, people couldn’t stand different type of people in their life. Some couldn’t stand those who shout at them every now and then, others couldn’t stand sarcastic people or someone who said yes for everything, but actually never did anything that they have promised before.

I couldn’t stand two types of people: the “No” and the “Whiner”.

The “No” just annoys the hell out of me. I am optimistic, and if that particular someone is constantly thinking everything is impossible, I got upset.

As for the “whiner”, not that we can’t whine. I whine to my friends every now and then. But a constant whiner is different. Those who keep on thinking that every smallest thing in the world possible is a bad luck for him/her really make me depressed. Please be thankful for what you have, other than keep on looking for what you don’t have. Ugh!

They annoyed me that bad.

Until I read this book. Now I know how to overcome those feelings towards them. Of course, it takes a lot of practice to actually overcome them, but practice is what I’m willing to do.

May Allah SWT guide me to be a better person each passing day. Ameen.

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