Friday, January 28, 2011

Kedai curtain murah

Alhamdulillah, bonus dah masuk! :)

Anyway, last week, we went for curtain hunting.

Kedai curtain paling murah is the one in Nilai Square. Nilai 3 mcm a bit mahal for curtain.

We spent around RM400+ for the whole house. But just the material. Belum jahit lagi.

Tingkat bawah colour grey.

Tingkat atas colour brown, but the same design.

Kain organza belakang.

Pengikat curtain.

So anyway, mum gave me a tip that i really would like to share with you guys.

She said the prices there are all negotiable. You could ask for reduction as high as 70% from the actual price.

We tried.

But we managed to get only 50% off from the price displayed.

We're quite good, aren't we? (T_T) Ok.. Ok.. Getting better at least ;p

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