Monday, February 28, 2011

My very early signs...

Thank you for all the kind words and wishes, I'm deeply touched :)

If you've been an avid reader, you might know that Love and I planned to just have the time for ourselves until April this year. But November came, and out of nowhere he decided to have one. Took me some times before I was ready, then with the advice of friends, I took acid folic immediately. Twice a week, because I'm a bit conventional, I'm scared of the side effects.

Came February, I fell sick. Caught one of the worst flu which made me feel totally helpless and whiny. About a week before I got my period (I am clock work, so I know when my period is going to be), I had a major tummy cramp. And emotionally wreck.

How bad?

I remember one Friday, Love came home and I was laughing and giggling and then he went to the toilet for 5 minutes, when he came back I was in tears. He asked why and I answered, "I feel sick, I feel tired and we've been trying for 3 months and I feel like my period is going to come in two days time and I wonder what is wrong with me.."

He cried with me. And it had been a looonggggg saddddd night for both of us.

Sunday came. And we were busy painting and cleaning the room and suddenly I fell in the bathroom. I felt even worse since I had pineapple twice that week. Mom cooked ikan tiga rasa and masak lemak nenas, so I thought takpelah, "if at first you don't suceed, you can dust it off and try again" (Aaliyah's Try Again).

I was supposed to get my period that Sunday and it never came. Last Monday I started the countdown. Wait for 6 days at least, I told myself. That whole week I had these early symptoms (in order):

1) Tummy cramp very similar to period pain.
2) Very emotional.
3) Lower back pain.
4) Pain in my urm.. you know, top.
5) Sleep a lot, I got so tired after work.
6) A lot of pimples, ugh!
7) Having hard time to sleep at night. It was either too cold or too hot.
8) Some white discharge like the one you had after your period.
9) And after 4 days late I started to feel nausea.

I bought the pregnancy test last Tuesday, but I managed to wait and only try it last Saturday. I could not sleep that Friday, too scared to see the result. I woke up at 3am, stayed until 6.20am, and woke Love up and then we got double line almost immediately..

Went to clinic, Dr. refused to check again because she said no such thing as false positive. So annoying! Went to hospital and the Dr. double checked and gave us some advice.. and yes, I'm 5 weeks now. Alhamdulillah.

If there are things I've learned from my pregnancy story is that, no matter what happens to you, termakan nenas ke, terjatuh ke, if Allah SWT says it's the time, then it will be your time. Kun faya kun (Be and it is). Don't blame yourself too hard. Cuma of course, must be extra careful after this. Thank you for all the prayers, they are beyond repayment.

And I am the happiest mom-to-be in planet earth! What is morning sickness compared to the most amazing gift I shall received in 8 months time. Alhamdulillah :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something major

Ok, IQ test for the day.

I've changed something major in my blog recently.

Guess what it is?

If you guess the layout, you might want to think again.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

25th Feb

♥ \( _ )/ ♥

Dear Allah, grant me the strength for tomorrow! Whether it's going to make me or break me, it's for the best :)

24th Feb


What is this feeling?

I couldn't sleep, I couldn't focus, I couldn't wait :)

The best is yet to come, Insya Allah.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh my!

20th Feb :)
21st Feb :D
22nd Feb (^_^)
23rd Feb \(^_^)

I have too many things to share!!

The first time ever in my life, I wish time would have fly faster.

Will keep you lovers updated, I promise.

In the mean time, doakan yang terbaik ok :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Been down with flu these past few days. I don't know from where I got it from, don't really trust that flu is contagious, anyway. The reason why I don't shy away from sick people.

But, I do believe emotions are contagious.

When your best friend cried over the phone telling something sad happening to her, you couldn't help having tears in your eyes at the other end.

When your husband came home looking all tired and you greeted him in front of the porch with a big smile, he couldn't resist smiling back at you and that's the trick when you have a not so good news to break to him afterwards anyway.

Emotions are so contagious that you can even feel it when you read a story from someone who is highly emotional when he/she was writing the story.

If the emotions are of happy ones, memang sgt best. Kind of reminding me of Myra and FJoe. The energy they have with their chirpy voices just light up my day.

But, if the emotions are soooooo the exact of positive, the feeling is also the exact of positive. The total exact of happy and energetic.

Kind of what I've been dragged into.

In that case, I'd rather caught another flu. Rather than having this contagious opposite of positive emotions.

Plus, I've just realized having flu is not that bad. Doctor said it might be a sign of something, doakan ok ;p

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forever for whatever

I don't normally blog about weddings. But this wedding, I just have to blog!!

It's the wedding of my high school sweetheart, Sya!

Sya came in my life a tad bit too late; in Form 4 from Hartamas, and I never thought we could click. I think back then it was normal to hate the newcomers. I mean, for three years, it had always been the same circle of friends, then after PMR, half of them went to boarding school, leaving BFF Maria and me.

Then, Sya, Fau, Pedot and Love came in the picture. Hafiz and I were already "forever for whatever" friends back then since we sat next to each other in the class. Fai and Shary came from a different class.

And now, 9 years after we left high school.. Who would have thought we have reached this far. Each and every one of us got married one by one.

Hafiz is now with a very adorable bundle of joy that lights up my heart everytime with him. One of my fav candid from yesterday taken by Love..

BFF Maria is 4 months pregnant..

Pedot and Lai?? Expecting? ;p

Fau is getting married end of this month..

So, in our circle of friends; tinggal Shary and Fai je.. Hmm :)

Love and I?

Haha.. Tengok ni tgh busy ambil berkat Mama Amir (aka Hafiz's wife) ;p (Expecting second child)

Such a long way we have gone through. The tears, the joys and the laughters. Who would have thought we have come this far.

9 years ago, we were making fun of each other on who whould get married first. It appears that 9 years happen in a blink.

To the bride and groom, here's to many years ahead..

Friday, February 11, 2011

My current obsession

My current obsession has got to be..

My new lab!!!!!!! :)

Pfftt.. Geek!

Don't get me started on the first thing i think about when I wake up and the last when I'm about to fall asleep. My supervisor said, "If you want to be successful, you have to sleep with your (research) problem." And our iron lady a.k.a mak Shameem said, "In order to be successful, you must want that something so badly".

And in my defense, you always get so psyched about new things, ryte?

New environment, new work to do, new hardware, new fancy software.

Things have been so crazy lately; running nose when teaching sucks a lot, sore throat does not at all helping, been thinking about grandmum 24/7, with phone constantly in my pocket, so this helps me calm down..

I remember the first time i played around with the hardware, spent about 1 hour thinking why it wouldn't communicate with each other. Jawapannya --> Lupe nak switch on power supply.

See, in real life, the stage where I am currently, you could not afford to do mistake. But with research, mistake is just a tiny step towards success :)

Imagine, a year and a half spent for my Master to come out with this hardware, an hour towards success won't hurt at all.

It's not just the Doctorate that I'm busy chasing, but it's the short time I have to contribute to the man kind.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The reason I got home early :)

I barely slept last night. Eyes felt so heavy; not sure if it was because of the sleepless night or the constant tears.

These past few days, I got so excited to get home. From work (which is so major to me), from hang outs, from our little dates. All because of my dearest grandmother was staying with us ever since she fell.

If you were raised by your grandmother, you would have known how it feels like.

Last night as I got home from office, I went directly to her room and greeted her; "Hye Mak!" Life felt so much easier with her around.

"I had a dream about Arwah Moyang (my grandmother's mum) last night. She was calling for me," She replied. I just kept silent.

About 11pm, when I was about to sleep, I went down to her room again to check on her. This time, she was breathless. My mum and aunt were around her. Pale. And so cold. Breathless. And crying. Calling for me.

Mum and aunt were crying; so badly. I took a Yassin, and said, "Mak, remember you used to teach me how to read Quran. Recite this with me please". She did. Recite with me until the end.

Then she cried. Saying she felt like her time was so near. We called all of her sons and daughters; we gathered, Yassin was recited until this morning.

I woke up at 7am and I went to her room. She was getting better. Alhamdulillah :)

I have no strength yet to get through life without her. Dear Allah SWT, I am in no strength yet to let her go.

Not now.


Sunday, February 6, 2011


Love and I spent the past 4 days of holidays in front of TV watching Junior Masterchef Australia. Those amazing kids made me excited to try lots of new recipe, seriously!

Ever since we got married, I would cook for Love every morning, every day dutifully. Because he eats heavy breakfast and he skips dinner, so I don't have to cook for dinner. I just packed the food nicely so that he could eat them when he got to his office.

It was always the same recipe; Chinese fried rice, Malay fried rice, fried meehoon, fried kuey teow, ayam kicap, ayam halia, all sorts of sambal, cekodok, cucur udang, cucur ikan bilis, Pa Jun (Korean pancake) and the most boring menu has got to be sandwiches.

Chicken sandwich, tuna sandwich, egg sandwich, boooo... ringgg...

My latest obsession was pancake, after reading Thepinkstilettos.

I tried again and again and again to get the texture of my pancake from this..

To perfectly golden brown like this, thanks to my SIL..

Then, I got bored. After watching Junior Masterchef, I realized that the only Korean dish I ever cooked was Pa Jun (I will reveal the recipe soon).

So, I googled some recipes from web and combined them with MIL's cook book, and add some ingredients to make the taste similar to the ones cooked by MIL. Finally, I come out with Bulgogi (direct translation would be fire meat)!!

Hubby's packed food for today; nasi+bulgogi+ikan goreng.

Now, let me share the Bulgogi's recipe with all of you.

400g sirloin steak, cut into thin slices (I used minced beef since we're running out of steak at home)
1 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp light soya sauce (kicap cair)
2 tbsp dark soya sauce (kicap pekat, I mixed both kicap manis and masin)
3 tbsp sesame oil
3 dashes black pepper
2 cloves garlic
3 scallions/green onions (daun bawang)
1 yellow onion
sesame seed

Marinate the sugar and meat, leave for at least 20 mins.
Dice the garlic.
Chop onion and scallions.
Marinate the sugar+meat with soya sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, garlic and onions.
Refrigerate for at least 10 mins, of course the longer the better.
Cook in pan fry until the meat is properly cooked and until the juice from the meat comes out.
Sprinkle some sesame seed on top.

Done! It tastes good and so easy to prepare compared to Malay cooking :) All the best!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nadrah's birthday celebration

Things could have been so much better for me these past couple of weeks.

My beloved grandma was hospitalized for a few days since she broke her hips, we spent countless days in hospital.

Now that grandma was discharged and mum had been taking a really good care of her, I decided to have a little time out with the girls.


Nadrah, Iza, Myra and I, doing what Myra and I used to do everytime I sleepover at her place, watching some scary movies.

Anyway, we started a splendid night with a dinner in Chez Rose.

Food was quite pricey. Range is from RM30 - RM50, read all about the reviews and more of the photos from Nadrah's blog.

We bought her the Sereni and Shentel's Tea for Two Garland that she had been craving for, Myra's brilliant suggestion.

Then, we headed to Myra's brother's condo in Putramas, where we had our sleepover at. Played with the Photo Booth app in Nadrah's Macbook for a while..

Catch a movie, had some pillowtalk and a nice sleep.

Woke up in the morning, had some breakfast and went for a swim. Gambar tak boleh upload ok, these girls are so freaking hot to handle. ;p

Then, we had our lunch at Wau Penyu, Solaris Dutamas, read the full review here.

Such good time that i'll always remember.

TQ Myra, for inviting. Though I'm married, I'm happy that I'm still close to their hearts.

And to beloved Nadrah, Happy birthday, gorgeous. May Allah SWT bless you always.

Happy to have such mesmerizing hearts as friends :)