Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forever for whatever

I don't normally blog about weddings. But this wedding, I just have to blog!!

It's the wedding of my high school sweetheart, Sya!

Sya came in my life a tad bit too late; in Form 4 from Hartamas, and I never thought we could click. I think back then it was normal to hate the newcomers. I mean, for three years, it had always been the same circle of friends, then after PMR, half of them went to boarding school, leaving BFF Maria and me.

Then, Sya, Fau, Pedot and Love came in the picture. Hafiz and I were already "forever for whatever" friends back then since we sat next to each other in the class. Fai and Shary came from a different class.

And now, 9 years after we left high school.. Who would have thought we have reached this far. Each and every one of us got married one by one.

Hafiz is now with a very adorable bundle of joy that lights up my heart everytime with him. One of my fav candid from yesterday taken by Love..

BFF Maria is 4 months pregnant..

Pedot and Lai?? Expecting? ;p

Fau is getting married end of this month..

So, in our circle of friends; tinggal Shary and Fai je.. Hmm :)

Love and I?

Haha.. Tengok ni tgh busy ambil berkat Mama Amir (aka Hafiz's wife) ;p (Expecting second child)

Such a long way we have gone through. The tears, the joys and the laughters. Who would have thought we have come this far.

9 years ago, we were making fun of each other on who whould get married first. It appears that 9 years happen in a blink.

To the bride and groom, here's to many years ahead..


sweetdrugADDICT said...

gambar last ialah gambar tangga sekian tq

fau said...

i love this post soo much time flies and love u guys to bits..frenz forever