Monday, February 28, 2011

My very early signs...

Thank you for all the kind words and wishes, I'm deeply touched :)

If you've been an avid reader, you might know that Love and I planned to just have the time for ourselves until April this year. But November came, and out of nowhere he decided to have one. Took me some times before I was ready, then with the advice of friends, I took acid folic immediately. Twice a week, because I'm a bit conventional, I'm scared of the side effects.

Came February, I fell sick. Caught one of the worst flu which made me feel totally helpless and whiny. About a week before I got my period (I am clock work, so I know when my period is going to be), I had a major tummy cramp. And emotionally wreck.

How bad?

I remember one Friday, Love came home and I was laughing and giggling and then he went to the toilet for 5 minutes, when he came back I was in tears. He asked why and I answered, "I feel sick, I feel tired and we've been trying for 3 months and I feel like my period is going to come in two days time and I wonder what is wrong with me.."

He cried with me. And it had been a looonggggg saddddd night for both of us.

Sunday came. And we were busy painting and cleaning the room and suddenly I fell in the bathroom. I felt even worse since I had pineapple twice that week. Mom cooked ikan tiga rasa and masak lemak nenas, so I thought takpelah, "if at first you don't suceed, you can dust it off and try again" (Aaliyah's Try Again).

I was supposed to get my period that Sunday and it never came. Last Monday I started the countdown. Wait for 6 days at least, I told myself. That whole week I had these early symptoms (in order):

1) Tummy cramp very similar to period pain.
2) Very emotional.
3) Lower back pain.
4) Pain in my urm.. you know, top.
5) Sleep a lot, I got so tired after work.
6) A lot of pimples, ugh!
7) Having hard time to sleep at night. It was either too cold or too hot.
8) Some white discharge like the one you had after your period.
9) And after 4 days late I started to feel nausea.

I bought the pregnancy test last Tuesday, but I managed to wait and only try it last Saturday. I could not sleep that Friday, too scared to see the result. I woke up at 3am, stayed until 6.20am, and woke Love up and then we got double line almost immediately..

Went to clinic, Dr. refused to check again because she said no such thing as false positive. So annoying! Went to hospital and the Dr. double checked and gave us some advice.. and yes, I'm 5 weeks now. Alhamdulillah.

If there are things I've learned from my pregnancy story is that, no matter what happens to you, termakan nenas ke, terjatuh ke, if Allah SWT says it's the time, then it will be your time. Kun faya kun (Be and it is). Don't blame yourself too hard. Cuma of course, must be extra careful after this. Thank you for all the prayers, they are beyond repayment.

And I am the happiest mom-to-be in planet earth! What is morning sickness compared to the most amazing gift I shall received in 8 months time. Alhamdulillah :)


kzedz said...

yay! happy mommy-to-be, ikeen :)
semoga berjalan lancar semuanya.

Izrin said...

awww...:) the best news i have heard this week :) it's a nice story to share :)abang Long pon excited sgt with the news, he shared it on twitter..hehe congrats dear

Ir. Dr. Shafa said...

alhamdulillah~!!! yeye... another baby to call me maklong...congrats akk~!!! :)

nadra186 said...

Woohoo!!! Another Nov Baby on the way.... We are all so excited to hear the news.. Honestly, we are already brainstorming for your baby shower! Can't wait for your little one!

dinajais said...

alhamdulillah!!!congrats ikeen!!! weee...another baby in the group! ngii..mesti time i blk nanti tummy you besar dah bleh rase d baby kicking..omg..congrats dear :)

Dr. Ikeen said...

kzedz: Thank you very much!!!
Kak Izrin: TQ Kak Izrin and Abg Long!
Shafa: Haha. Mak Long!!
Nadrah: Doctor baru beritahu a couple of days ago, it's an October baby!!!
Fai: Come home fast, Aunty Fai!

Syaza Nadrah said...

October!!!!! August nnt baby shower.. bergambar ngan ikeen's baby tummy

Fau said...

im so touched reading those lines of "what is morning sickness compared to the amazing gift"..congrats darling ikeen n tqvm for enlightening me with such a great news on my wedding day..i deeply happy..double joy it is