Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nadrah's birthday celebration

Things could have been so much better for me these past couple of weeks.

My beloved grandma was hospitalized for a few days since she broke her hips, we spent countless days in hospital.

Now that grandma was discharged and mum had been taking a really good care of her, I decided to have a little time out with the girls.


Nadrah, Iza, Myra and I, doing what Myra and I used to do everytime I sleepover at her place, watching some scary movies.

Anyway, we started a splendid night with a dinner in Chez Rose.

Food was quite pricey. Range is from RM30 - RM50, read all about the reviews and more of the photos from Nadrah's blog.

We bought her the Sereni and Shentel's Tea for Two Garland that she had been craving for, Myra's brilliant suggestion.

Then, we headed to Myra's brother's condo in Putramas, where we had our sleepover at. Played with the Photo Booth app in Nadrah's Macbook for a while..

Catch a movie, had some pillowtalk and a nice sleep.

Woke up in the morning, had some breakfast and went for a swim. Gambar tak boleh upload ok, these girls are so freaking hot to handle. ;p

Then, we had our lunch at Wau Penyu, Solaris Dutamas, read the full review here.

Such good time that i'll always remember.

TQ Myra, for inviting. Though I'm married, I'm happy that I'm still close to their hearts.

And to beloved Nadrah, Happy birthday, gorgeous. May Allah SWT bless you always.

Happy to have such mesmerizing hearts as friends :)


Syaza Nadrah said...

Thank you Ikeen!!! MUACHHHSSSS!!!!!

Dr. Ikeen said...

You are most welcome dear!