Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I havete to say goodbye to..

Things I hate to say goodbye to once I'm pregnant..

1. Heels

Goodbye comfortable Primavera shoes, my fav. gift from BFF Maria. Goodbye Nine West. I live in Scholl nowadays. Feel. So. Old.

2. Push ups.

I have been living with push ups and only push ups since my undergraduate years. Now nothing seems more uncomfortable than the underwire and thick padding everytime I feel like throwing up. Feel. Even. Older.

3. Maggi, 100plus and pineapple.

Sob.. Sob.. Though, I accidentally had another pineapple a couple of days ago during Fatih's bday party.

4. Ice water.

I bring thermos everywhere nowadays.

5. Flavored milk

Organic milk is so not yummy

Seems like pregnancy takes more sacrifices that what I thought

On the other note, I'm 2 months today!

*Pics frm google


Dr Sumayy said...

yeay. cpt sungguh mase berlalu. :-)

Mawar_Mohamad said...

2 months already!!yay :) dont feel old,those are just natural process of body change to adapt to accomodate a healthy growing baby inside.
Please do pray alot the lil one will grow just fine,read surah penting such as Yusuf,Maryam etc. Jangan langgar sangat pantang makan time pregnant just to be on the safe side.

Dr. Ikeen said...

Dr. Sumay: Tula kannn.... Mus'ab pon dah nak a year old!

Kak Mawar: Thank you Kak Mawar! Tgk post u now an wear boots, jeles! Insya Allah, will bear in mind all the advices :)