Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm a wife again!

Alhamdulillah, I'm getting better and better nowadays :)

The best thing is that I have the energy to prepare for Love's breakfast for yesterday and today!!

When we got married, I challenged myself to prepare a breakfast for him everyday for as long as God permits. And syukur, I managed to wake up as early as 5am (He had to leave to work before 6am) for that until the day I had some minor bleeding. Then, everything changed.

Though Love himself prohibited me from doing anything, sometimes he mentioned how much he missed my cooking. It made me feel so helpless at times.

But yesterday, I could even dress up for him before he arrived from work. Yay! I finally feel like a wife again! :)

Currently, I am looking for a maid to help mum with our baby once I'm at work and to help us with our new house (we just got the key, y'all!) so that I can have my full concentration on Love and our baby.

Love was reluctant with my idea of having a maid at first, his main issue was money. But, for me money was not everything.

Speaking of which, let me tell you our story when we first got married.

I was soooo underpaid back then. But, rezeki after kahwin, right after I got married, I was upgraded to lecturer that resulted my salary to be more than doubled from the previous one.

As happy as Love was with the news, he was a bit frustrated with the fact that my salary was higher than his. He asked me if I was going to be ok with it.

I just laughed. And said the exact same things I told him whenever he was down, "I have faith in you in ways you couldn't ever imagined possible. And you will be someone, someday trust me. That is when the world knows why I marry you. I foresee things."

He always laughed at that.

I don't marry anyone for God's sake. I take my life very seriously. So I mean every single word I told him.

He proved me just right. With his salary, he provides nafkah to me monthly religiously. He pampers me with stuff. Just like the first date, we fight to pay for our date every single time.

And so I adviced my little niece, "If you want to get married, you don't really have to find someone rich, average pon tape, as long as he loves spending for you."

A couple of days ago, we received a news that lighten up our life. Rezeki baby maybe. Love is reaching his way up there, to be that someone. In such young age. Alhamdulillah.

And hence, a maid from Indonesia is on her way to us now. I pray for the best. Ameen.


Nadrah said...

Ikeen, serious sweet giler your post.. i'm so happy to read about how blissfully married you are and respect your devotion to becoming a wife extraordinary. Keep up the good work. May Allah SWT bless your family always

Dr. Ikeen said...

Thank you Nadrah!!! So sweet :) Married life mmg sgt best! Cant wait for you guys to get married too. Seriously :)