Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kapal and Ikeen Fly to Seoul

I just got back from Korea, y'all!!!~

Of course travelling as a pregnant woman makes it a bit harder (plus the threatened abortion I had), I had a bag of medicine to bring with me, but Alhamdulillah, I was so fine there. I vomitted only once during my whole journey, syukur.

Our initial itenary could not be used due to my condition. So i let mum in law (MIL) and her brother, Wey Samchun (WSC) to decide our itenary. Here goes..

First day

6 and a half hours of flight using Air Asia X for pregnant woman made it very tiring for me. Lesson learned: First, hot seat for more leg room. Second: Seat near toilet due to frequent urination. Third: Day flight makes me constantly hungry and the food provided were not sufficient for me, probably cuz I ate for two.

I got stucked for almost half an hour in immigration due to what they called "computer error". Had to undergone a thorough checkup, it seemed that the immigration in Korea is a bit strict, but Alhamdulillah.. I managed to get through.

We stayed at WSC's house, have to get used of the floor's and the bed's heater. Temeprature was 7 degrees celcius the first day.

Second day

National Museum of Korea

Admission is free. It is divided to three floors. First: historical gallery. Second: Fine arts gallery and third: sculpture and craftwork gallery. I wouldn't say it was really that exciting, but I just love museum, so if you're not a big fan of museum, you'll find it as just another ordinary museum you ever visited.


The restaurant inside the national museum does not served any pork. Mind the word restaurant, not 'foodcourt'. We ordered bibimbap (rice with all sorts of vege and eggs) and seafood pancake. Price ranges between 7000 won to 10000 won. (Exchange rate: 1000 won = RM3).

War Museum

Admission is also free, maybe more exciting than the national museum, my verdict.


We were given exactly an hour to shop by WSC in this place which for me is the equivalent of our Sg Wang. I found one (and only) halal restaurant here in Korea. I bought my winter boot here, some strawberries, some shirts and jerseys for my family and Love bought his socks and his extremely big shoes since we couldn't find his size in Malaysia. His size is US 15 btw.

Winter clothings are way cheaper here compared to Malaysia. Zara pun murah. But surprisingly, the price of Korean strawberry here is the same as price in Malaysia :( Mahal! Good news is, Ittaewon is THE ONLY place where the salesperson can speak English.


Had dinner near WSC's house in Seoungnam. Noodles with lots of seafood, pedas!!!

Third day

Korean's Folks Village

Highlight of the trip!!! Korean's folks village :) My favourite. Must goooo!!! Admission is 15 000 won for adult.


Korean's folks village's foodcourt. Organic shop, so they don't serve pork. We had some Mee suah and again, seafood pancake (the best!)


Shop around WSC's house. Tengok ni, no plastic bag, no shopping bag, pack your stuff with the box prvided.


Again, at Seoungnam, a restaurant where they served only fish. We had grilled mackarel together with MIL's sister, Immo and her daughter and MIL's cousin, Komo.

Fourth day

Drizzling the whole day. According to the news, the rain was contaminated with radioactive from Japan. Tawakkal..


The cheapest place to buy souvenirs (in bulk). But they don't speak English at all, pftt.. So I was like, "Olmayeyo?"(How much). And when the salesperson mentioned some numbers in Korean that I did not understand I'd be like, "Omma!! Help!!"


Had lunch at one of the stalls in Namdaemun that sells vege and seafood (tempura).

Visiting relatives

Went to visit one of Love's grandmother, Komo Halmeni and one of his close uncle, Majangdong Samchun, where we fell in love with this little girl, Na Hyeon.


Dinner at Majangdong, Bono-Bono Japanese seafood restaurant. This one is on the house since the cousing worked there. Tengok ni, they ate gold (real gold).

Fifth and final day

Our last typical breakfast. Kat sana pagi, petang, siang, malam makan nasi. Nasib baik dah familiar with all the food there, MIL selalu serve during weekend bila she's in Malaysia.

Had Domino's for lunch, the only pizza we found without meat. Even the seafood pizza pun ada bacon. This is vegetarian pizza with tapioca, pineapple, tomato and corn, weird combiation, tapi best!

Had the rest of the day for just the two of us. Walked along the Seoungnam street, had some coffee..

And finally we had to say goodbye. Sedihnye, both of us cried in the airport. Everyone been taking a good care of us. Tak naik bas sekali pun. Semua WSC hantar :(

If in Singapore, I lerned to respect, because the people there are super duper friendly and very respectful to others. In Thailand, I learned to appreciate what we have in Malaysia. In Korea... I definitely learned to love. Regardless of the different language, the different skin tone, I feel so loved here.


Thank you Wey Samchun, thank you Omma for everything. See you in Malaysia very soon :) This journey brought me closer to my MIL and Love's family, Alhamdulillah.


rina said...

wow all your husband family is in korea ke?

Mawar_Mohamad said...

U two + baby on board mesti had a blast trip to korea :) happy for u ikeen!

nadra186 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Plan to go there one day. As you know, I'm crazy about Taeyang.. LOL!!!! is it easy to find food there?

Dr. Ikeen said...

Rina: Eh taklah babe, belah mother je.

Kak Mawar: Ahh.. I cant wait to travel with baby like what u did kak mawar!

Nadrah: Food so not easy there la :( Halal mmg sgt susah la, yg tak serve pork pon very rare, if i kene pegi myself sendiri next time pon i tak confident, have to bring locals.