Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The 3 restaurants I just discovered

Woke up feeling like a zombie today.

Got home around 12 midnight after having a night of fun at La Risata, Jalan Ampang with Hasihir and co. Italian dining, really nice ambience but the food was so-so.

I love most the pizza.

Anyway, on the eve of our anniversary, we tried a new place for dessert called Fruitland in Subang.

We tried Rainbow Lolo and some Tao Fu Fa glutinous rice ball.

Rainbow Lolo was so-so.

But the Tao Fu Fa was super yummy.

Also, a week ago, Love and I had some free time for ourselves!!

Finally, after a while being super duper busy with baby and Homer (our new home!), Love decided to bring me to The Curve for a little break.

Again the main dish was so-so.

But, this dessert (which I forgot the name) has got to be my favourite :)

Anyway, rezeki baby!! Last month, I became a permanent staff and thus, gaji saya naik this month!!!!! :) And starting from this month, our company starts to give monthly transportation allowance. So, walaupun this month baru start potong zakat and tabung haji, still gaji lebih from last month. ALHAMDULILLAH!!

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