Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom and Baby Expo at Mid Valley!!

These past few days, I've been swiping my credit card like nobody else's business.

Not to worry though, I've paid them all this morning. I just want the points, anyway!

I've been having a terrible backache this past couple of weeks. Since Love is such a sweetheart (or rather he had enough of my complaints), he spent the whole Friday night with his macho guy friend to buy me a maternity pillow!!

Store after store and he found the cheapest one at Modernmum with the price of RM179. The best thing is that, boleh jadi nursing pillow!!

Then on Saturday, we spent the whole evening in Mid Valley for the Baby Fair.

Goodness!! I can go crazy with the sale!!!

We bought lots of baju baby and the accessories; booties, mittens, socks, hat and bip! Baju range from RM2-RM15. Accessories RM1.50-RM4.

Also some storage bottles (Bumblebee RM32 for 11 bottles), poncho/nursing cover, baby carrier and the best purchase of the day has got to be..

The stroller!!

For newborn

For toddler

This is Love's choice :) Stroller for newborn + toddler + car seat for newborn for only RM345. Such bargain!!

Another fair is on 29th to 31st July this year. Tapi, BFF Maria dah beranak masa tu, huhu.. I can still shoppppp!!!!!!!!!!~

Mum had her own agenda too last weekend. She bought some towels for her future grandchildren and she made some pillow covers yang super comel!

Second trimester is the best trimester indeed!! Bestnye shopping :)


Fatin Fairuz said...

weee..sgt jeles tgk kamu bershopping barang² baby..rasa cam nak kawen skrg dan terus buat anak..hehe

Dr. Ikeen said...

Fatin: Shopping barang pengantin dulu ok :)