Monday, May 23, 2011

BIL's wedding

My brother in law got married last Thursday!! Congrats Abang Long and Kak Izrin!!

Some pics from aqad on Thursday..

I especially love the bride's wedding gown. Very breathtaking!

One of the hantaran from the girl's side was none other than.. MACAROONS (From Whisk that I've been wanting to try for ages!!) Moment of truth, took a bite and the first thing that came out from my mouth was, "OMG! Too sweet!!!"

Still, I'm happy that I finally got to try the famous Macaroons and glad to know that I am no longer craving for that now. Hehe.

On Friday was the bride's reception. We were all excited pimping out our Hanbok (Korean's traditional gown)

Then on Sunday was the groom's reception.

Make up paling cantik!!!

At this point, I got so tired walking around greeting the guests. Tadela jalan banyak sangat on, but now perut dah berat ;p Went to mom and said, "Penattt...."

Then mom said, "Mestila penat sikit, nak dapat sister in law kan."

And the realization made me smile.


Such wonderful events, and the penat lelah, totally pays off. Congrats again to Abang Long and Kak Izrin :) Nothing more that we wish for other than you two will be happy together until the end of time.


nadra186 said...

Ikeen, nk tgk gambar kaftan grey u..

Dr. Ikeen said...

Tade gambar full length, Nadrah!!!

Izrin said...

ikeen, thank you so much for everything... this entry is soo sweet.. i'm so happy to be part of your family. and thank you so much for what you n shahril had done for the receptions. i am trully honoured. :) insyaAllah, i'll see you soon.. take care ok.. dah tau jantina baby, bgtau tau :)*hugs*

Dr. Ikeen said...

Kak Izrin: Bila dah tau gender, mesti break the news cepat2 to Kak Izrin and Abg Long. Anyway, about the wedding, it's our pleasure. Best balik Ampang when you're there, meriah sikit rumah :)