Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The tipping point

Now that Love and I were busy finding out names for our precious, I realized one thing...

"Why is the name Rayyan suddenly become so famous for boys? And Qasreena for girls?"


And the fact that how suddenly Red Velvet Cake or Macaroons became so overrated when just yesterday you never even heard of them.

What caused this epidemic?

Well, according to the book that I read not so recently "The tipping point" (One of my convo's pressie from Love, thank you Sayang!), these are the three agents that caused epidemic;

1) The law of few
2) The stickiness factor
3) The Power of context.

The law of few describes the three types of people in the world.

1) The connector: Those people that link up the world and have many friends
2) The mavens: Those people we rely on in giving us new informations
3) The salesman: Those people with powerful negotiation skills (So Kapal!)

The stickiness factor is how we give some informations to others so that they will remember what we told them. Really need to master this, so that my student can remember what I taught them and finally score for final!

And the power of context is how we are easily influenced by the surrounding around us.

Very very interesting, this book! It really is eye-opening :)

Now, I'm off to my next Gladwell's book.. "What the dog saw"!

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