Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduation goggles

Today, brighter days start ahead of us!!

It was Love's last day at his former company yesterday. And today, begins his new job, with much better position and salary, and most importantly, so much nearer to our house.

Now, I can see him everyday!! Previously, he had to outstation almost all the time. He was away to Johor, KB and KK for these past three weeks. Even if he had to stay at the office, he only came home three times a week since the place where he worked was quite a distance from our home. Even if he came home after work, he would arrive at almost 9pm and leave home at 6am the next morning

Now I can see him EVERYDAY!

Now I can cook for him EVERYDAY

Now I can dress up for him EVERYDAY!

Now I finally have the reason to come home early from work EVERYDAY! (Hopefully, lepas ni Dr. Sumay, Kak Iza and Eyfa dah tak payah nak shut down lappy or lampu utk paksa i balik ;p)

Seronoknyeeee!! :D

As much as Love was psyched with the idea, he had some graduation goggles these past few days. So what better way to cheer up my Big Friendly Giant other than cook a special meal for him. Recipe Eyfa..

Ikan Sembilang Masak Lemak Pilah Style

Half kgs ikan sembilang salai (About 7 ekor)
11 biji cili padi - blend
Setengah biji santan
Serbuk kunyit
Asam keping

Panaskan air.
Masukkan cili + kunyit + garam.
Tunggu sampai menggelegak, slowkan api and masukkan santan + asam keping.
Finally, masukkan terung and ikan sembilang salai

Hubby makan 3 ekor!! :)

And what better present to give this gorgeous?

Haha. Alfa 8c Competizione.

Untuk letak atas meja of course ;p

Hello, gorgeous!! Cantiknye baju, cantiknye seluar, cantiknye tie, mana uniform lama? ;p

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Anonymous said...

gud luck for his new job!