Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Juggling between Family, Love and Work

I've been wanting to bring my whole family to an all sponsored vacation since last year, so I saved up my last year's bonus and finally found a weekend where all 6 of us were free, and off we went to Cherating. :)

Why Cherating?
1) Mum has never been there.
2) I couldn't get enough of Cherating since our last visit.

We departed from KL after work on Friday and arrived at about 2 am. I booked a homestay so that all of us could spend the night together without having separate rooms (like the cases if we stayed in the hotel), and chalet are just not comfortable enough.

The homestay was cool, air conditioned, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished at RM150 per night. I booked for 2 nights. For more info of the homestay --> Damai Muslim Cherating.

All of us had the time of our lives..

At Turtle Sanctuary..

Lunch at Restoran Intan, all seafood lunch for 6 person cost me only RM193 :)

Cuba compare sudu dgn udang, udang dia besar gils!

Dropping by for Satar..

BBQing on Saturday night..

Ready to swim (dgn perot yg semakin membesar)

I have come to love this picture so so much..

At the time this picture was taken, Love was already deep asleep by my side..

My two brothers were laughing and talking non-stop like they haven't met each other for ages. (Honestly, people have got to stop asking me because I have no idea what they talked about most of the times).

Both of my parents were staring at the beautiful beach talking about the future of their future grandchild..

I was just lying around, feeling totally complete. Surrounded by my loved ones, and all I could hear was the sound of the waves and my own voice humming a very familar song.

One day, when I'm having my surge during labor, and I need to go in a deep relaxation, and you hear me hum "Sowewhere only we know", this is the place I go, a serene and beautiful place.

OMG! I so looooveeeee Cherating.

Anyway, we spent only 2 nights in Cherating with my family, another night is just for Love, I shall write it in my next entry!


Nadrah said...

best2 cuti with the family... mesti u rasa sgt happy kan u paid for it... one day i pon nk plan mcm tu

Dr. Ikeen said...

Best sgt!! Plan for it, it's one hell of a satisfaction :)

Anonymous said...

<3 thank for visit our restaurant :)
come again :)