Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Juggling between Family, Love and Work Part II

So that Sunday evening, Love and I went to Bukit Gambang for our babymoon.

Initially, we planned for a four days vacation, but since Love just started his new work at a new workplace, we had to cut short to a two days vacation.

We booked a Studio Suite at Bukit Gambang Resort City via Agoda that cost us around RM230.

I love the room..

We spent the whole evening just lazing around.

Had dinner at the cafe downstairs. Food was so-so. I had Caesar Salad (which still, nothing beats TGI Friday's), Love had Fish and Chips and we shared Crepe Suzette..

Bukit Gambang was such a boring place itself. Macam pekan mati at night.

And my pregnancy stopped us from visiting the Bukit Gambang Waterpark which was about 5 minutes drive from the resort itself.

But thank god for the entertainments inside the resort! They had Karaoke, pool, and the best thing is arcade!

Of course, nothing else matters when there is arcade downstairs. We played until we were the last person there that night and the first person the next morning. Habis splurge all the money since we could not spend on the waterpark.

Only have his picture while playing Time Crisis because I lose earlier.

Time Crisis bolehla, Daytona tak dapat ambil sebab Kapal yang kalah earlier ;p

The breakfast buffet was a bit frustrating though, caused me a food poisoning earlier on Monday morning, a few hours before my presentation at UMP.

Honestly, the worst conference (and the most expensive) conference I've ever attended. ;p

Whatever it is, I am happy that now I manage to cross off one of Love’s to do list for this year --> Domestic Honeymoon.

And like every trip we had, it just rejuvenates our relationship, take it to another level and thank god we’ve found our best travelling companion ever.

Next trip is to B.A.L.I!!!!

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