Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hypnobirthing Class 3

In hypnobirthing class 3, basically we were enlightened with the hospital’s procedure upon our admission to birth our baby. Previously, I was so scared to know, but upon hearing all the details, I’ve learned that IGNORANCE IS SO NOT A BLISS! I want to be well educated before my delivery day so that Love and I will be the one making decision for the baby, not the doctor.

We discussed with our practitioner on the procedures and what we wish to avoid. We found the solutions as mentioned below.

Procedures once admitted:
-Change to their gown
-Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) – To monitor the baby’s heartbeat
-Disadvantage: You cannot move about to find the most comfortable position for your baby during surge. If you don’t move about, surge will become painful.
-Our solution: EFM only periodically
-Vaginal Examination (VE) – To check your dilation
-Disadvantage: Infection from the nurse’s fingers and accidentally rupture the membrane.
-Our solution: I don’t want any VE because I don’t see the advantages of me knowing how much I have dilated!!
-Enema - the procedure of introducing liquids into the rectum to evacuate the lower intestinal tract.
-As for now, I need to discuss with my doctor how to go about on this matter.

Procedures before birthing:

Why induction? Overdue.

What to worry about overdue? Every baby needs different time to be mature in the mommy’s tummy. Your little precious will definitely come out when he/she is ready.

You scared that your baby will be too big? Again, your baby will never be too big for your body to birth. Just have faith :)

You scared of placenta calcification (“aging” of the placenta) ? As long as baby is still moving even though you’re overdue, baby is still safe.

You scared of meconium (baby’s first stool inside your tummy )? Again feel the movement. Or check your membrane once it is released, make sure it is clear.

You scared that your amniotic fluid will run low/run high? The WHO standard for the thickness of your amniotic fluid is from 5 to 22 cm, but the doctor’s standards normally vary. So, if he/she said it is too thin/too thick, ask him/her how thick/thin it is. Whatever it is, your amniotic fluid varies all the time. So if it is running low, just drink a lot of water to make sure you are well hydrated. Best drink – young coconut (without ice or sugar).

You scared that your membrane is already released, but baby still do not want to come out yet? Again, just drink a lot of water to replace the water that is being discharged.

You scared of augmentation (Very slow progress of dilation)? You scared of being tired? Just rest. Labor slows down as you get tired. Don’t worry, your baby will take care of you if you take care of your baby. :)

-Pain relief
1) Epidural
2) Laughing gas (Enthonox)
3) Pethidine jab

You have variety of pain reliefs. Discuss with you practitioner beforehand on the advantages and the disadvantages of each options. Don’t just decide on the day itself, don’t just follow your doctor’s decision blindly. As for me, I pray so that I can have a natural birthing. But if in desperate cases, I think Laughing gas is the safest choice. Epidural is too risky for both mummy and baby.

Procedures during birth
- Caesarean
- Vacuum
- Forceps
Whatever other interventions, I pray I can have a normal birthing with the breathing techniques I've learned and mentioned in my previous post.

Procedures after birth
-Birth of your placenta; sometimes the doctor will pull out the placenta or jab you to enhance surges. But artificial surges do not ensure dilation. So just drink warm water after you deliver to help birth the placenta.

Procedures for babies
-Sigh.. I can’t bear to explain what some of them did to the newborn baby. I just want to be with my baby and Love for an hour after birth, no compromise.

To achieve all these, we have come out with our own “Letter of Agreement” to a doctor that can support all our demands.. Now, we’re in a hunt for a doctor that can understand and can be considerate with all these.

I have learned a lot from my hypnobirthing class. I strongly suggest expecting mommies and daddies to experience the class themselves. My explanations are definitely not enough to enlighten you guys.

Hypnobirthing rocks!

With those who believe in natural birthing :)

P/S: Please note that I am not a certified practitioner of hypnobirthing, I write based on my class and my experience. And if anyone with hypnobirthing experience feels as if some part of the article needs to be corrected, I truly appreciate any feedbacks. Thank you.

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