Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hypnobirthing Class 4

So, in hypnobirthing class 4, we've learned about hormones and massages.

Here, I share with you about the 2 most important hormones (hormone lain, belajar dengan Sifu Wai Han, ok?)

First is, Oxytocin. Or, we called it as the hormone of love. As the name suggests, those who are in love produce a lot of this hormone in their body. It's in your body when you're in love, when you make love, when you breastfeeding, etc. And the best thing about Oxytocin is.. (*Warning: I'm going to talk about some explicit content, 18sx here).. that when you have enough amount of Oxytocin in your body, it will expel something from your body.

Eg: When you make love, with sufficient amount of Oxytocin, you'll expel some discharge from your body. Men releases the semen, and women releases some discharge that I don't really know the name of, hehe.. Sorry! But, you get my point ryte? (Orang dah kahwin je boleh cakap yes).

When you're breastfeeding, you feel so much love for your baby, you will produce milk. Again, because of Oxytocin.

When you're in labor, your body produces Oxytocin also and what it will expel from your body is your sweet precious baby. So, you need sufficient amount of Oxytocin in your body the moment you're in labor.

How to get sufficient Oxytocin is sooo easy.

Make. A. Lot. Of. Love.

And please, don't waste the semen guys. It's good for both your wife and baby! ;p

The second hormone is Endorphin. We also call this as "Natural pain and stress fighters". It's your body's natural painkiller. It happens when you're excited and focused about something, and again when you make love or breastfeed.

Remember our cyclist, Azizulhasni Awang at the Trackcycling World Cup when a 10 inch wooden splinter stuck all the way through his leg after a crash and he kept on cycling to the end until he won a Bronze medal for that race?

What makes him that strong to ignore the pain in his leg? Endorphin!

His determination and focus to keep going to the end make his body produces sufficient Endorphin and that is what we need during labour. That can be achieved by practicing all the relaxation or hypnotizing techniques learned throughout the hypnobirthing class.

Of course, we also have synthetic Oxytocin and syntethic Endorphin during labor. The syntethic Oxytoxin is what we called as Pitocin.

Doctor uses this to induce you during labor. Pitocin does enhance surge, but that surge won't ensure dilation. There is no love in that fake hormone, how can it expel something from your body ryte?

The syntethic Endorphin can be found in all the pain reliefs available during labor. Epidural, anaesthetic, etc. And the downside of each pain reliefs, you can just read on the webs.

Even major problem is, when you inject syntethic Oxytocin or Endorphin into your body, you might inject more dosage than what your body needs. Of course, the doctor can't tell you for sure how much your body needs Oxytocin/Endorphin.

So, if you have excessive Oxytocin, you're gonna have less Endorphin. If you have excessive Endorphin, you're gonna have less Oxytocin. Meaning, if you induced, it hurts more. If you used epidural, you might have no dilation.

On the massages, there are two type of massages; deep massages and light touch massages.

Deep massages - done during surge; put pressure as in the picture..

Light touch massages - done in between surge; as in the video.. Touch very lightly, circle the arms and ears, massage the head..

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