Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I cannot wait!!

I was quite devastated for not being able to be with BFF Maria the day she delivered her baby.

The day she had a birth show (a day before baby's birth) was also the day Love had to outstation to Pahang and Melaka.

The day after the delivery was BFF Maria's birthday. And by 6pm that day, when Love still had work to do in Melaka, I became sooo sad. I did not know the route to BFF Maria's hospital and I really wanted to see her on that day.

Around 7.30 pm, Love called me up and told me that he just finished his work. And told me one thing that I would forever remember, "Sayang, kita akan pergi tengok Maria jugak k, I dah janji, whatever it takes, we'll see her tonight."

You know, sometimes it's not that hard to impress a woman.

Just by showing that you care about the stuff that she cares means the world to us.

Just by keeping your promises (even the smallest ones) keeps us safe and secure. And the affirmation is what we need to fall more and more in love with you guys.

It means more than whatever money can buy in this world, seriously.

At about 9.30pm, he picked me up and within half an hour we were there with this little princess..

When I looked at this angel, I couldn't stop imagining how my baby moved about the same way inside my tummy, how he/she opened her eyes, smiling like BFF Maria's little girl. Thinking about all that make me psyched, I can't wait!

I especially love this photo. See how her baby's eyes glued at the mommy.

All the time. She kept staring at BFF Maria even when BFF Maria was talking to us. The sweetest scene :)

With Love who was still wearing his work attire, poor thing..

Welcome to this world, Khaireen Sofea. Aunty loves you so much!


Fatin Fairuz said...

So..so..so..comel gilers..congrats maria and hello sofea..=)

sweetdrugADDICT said...

thank u so much for visiting us! tak lama lagi tu.... enjoy masa berdua puas2!