Friday, July 15, 2011

Life is unpredictable

July last year, about a year ago I blogged about Nenek's driver who was in a coma due to heart attack.

With Allah's will, after a couple of weeks, he woke up from coma and was so healthy that he could work with Nenek again.

During brother-in-law's wedding, he sent us to the bride's house and that was the last time I ever met him..

I received a phone call from Love at about 7pm just now telling that Nenek's driver already passed away. Innalillah.

My first thought was that, he passed away due to his heart attack.

Friday night normally was a guy's night out for Love. After work, he would go jamming with his friends until 10pm, then he would go for futsal, so I would only be seeing him after midnight.

Since he heard the news during jamming, he straight away went to Nenek's house without me and later update me with the news of how the driver passed away. Around 4pm, he rode his motorcycle home from Nenek's house and he was hit by a lorry.

How unpredictable life is. Just a year ago in the same month, he was in a coma because of something else.

And this year, he passed away due to something else.

Sedih. But Allah SWT loves him more, he passed away on Friday after all, penghulu segala hari, Alhamdulillah.

You know I can tolerate with a lot of thing. With the fact that my husband wants to spend time with his friends every Friday night. Or the fact that my husband always away for work.. Or the fact that he wants to spend his money on cars or guitars or PS3.. I would even let go of my beloved Savvy for his Alfa.

But one thing I would NEVER in a million year tolerate with is that if he wants a motorcycle. NEVER. Period. No discussion there.

In our relationship, I don't demand much from him. So, I hope this one thing that I asked, he can just understand. It breaks my heart SO MUCH everytime I heard about motorcycle. :(

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