Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am not a big fan of football. I still couldn't understand the term "offside" though Love explained to me too many times before.

But Love is a huge fan of Liverpool. One of his dreams is to watch Liverpool's match at Anfield. (One of my dreams is to see the pyramid in Egypt.. so not cool ;p)

So, when Liverpool came to Malaysia last week, I was more than excited to go with Love, knowing that it gave us positive vibes in achieving his dreams.

We went for the training on Thursday after work, such hectic traffics..

Hubby bangga gile he bought me this jersey!

And on Saturday, don't even mention ok. We parked all the way in Sri Petaling and I walked for 2kms to get to the stadium. Poor baby.. Kicking my tummy all the way, penat ye..

With sister in law and brother in law.

But, it was awesome. My first time experience watching football in the stadium.

Everytime Liverpool scored, the stadium cheered. And everytime Malaysia scored, the stadium roared like never before.

So, dear Mr. Rajagopal and Mr. Safee Sali, do know that you cannot measure patriotisme just by the cover. Though we were wearing reds, we rocked the stadium with "Inilah Barisan Kita" everytime Malaysia scored.

I had a lot of fun.

Until we meet again Liverpool, this time at Anfield :)

Budak ni semangat gile!

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