Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The first letter to my baby

Dearest Little Precious,

On the way to office today, I suddenly had the urge to write to you, as talking to you did not feel enough. And yes, I found it cheesy, but the only two people that I would be cheesy with in this whole wide world is you and Daddy. ;p

Anyway, I was not at the best of my health today. I am not sure whether it's the ordinary Braxton Hicks or you are giving me some funny positions again inside my tummy, but I am cherishing this moment. 2 months from now, I know I'm gonna miss the feeling of your tiny little hand/feet scratching the inside of my tummy when Daddy did so.

2 months from now, both of us need to work together for your birthing. I am so happy and really look forward for it! I have trust in you in ways I couldn't explain, it makes me feel so secure to go into labor. Probably because of all the vivid dreams about you throughout the pregnancy.

As for now, please be in the easiest position for me to birth you. I am going to take care of my food so that your size is perfect for my body. When you birth easily and I'm healthy, Insya Allah.. I can take better care of you. And Baby, please pray so that I can breastfeed you exclusively for at least 6 months.

We have so many plans involving you when you're around. We are going to go to Bali when you're 5 months old! Yay! Life outside the womb is such a happy place, LP.. And everyone is going to be so excited to meet you! So please, come out when the moment is right for you and come out safely and gently :)