Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gathering of the babies :)

BFF Maria and I used to work at Nando's Maluri for about 6 months after SPM, while waiting for our classes to start.

A lot of memories there.

Love used to wait for me for about 3 hours; waiting for me to have my break so that we could have lunch together, every week without fail, such a sweetheart.

Pedot used to come during my night shift and waited outside the restaurant just to catch things up.

And when Pedot suggested Nando's as our gathering place for break fast to "bring up the old memories", I was psyched!

Imagine how excited I was to see these gorgeous..

Amir and Umar.

Sofea.. *Melt*

It was fun because the rest of my circle of friends are not yet married, so hanging out with SABians gave me a different feeling since most of us either already having or expecting a baby.

And looking at BFF Maria just inspires me, kalau dah ada baby nanti I can still hang out with my friends without problem pon. BFF Maria did it ultimately well.

So, iftar next year, we need to find a more comfortable place. Nanti ada 4 strollers to put and one high chair to be booked for dearest Amir. Sorry, Uncle and Aunty lupe nak book a seat for Amir.

Some of the pics from yesterday's event..

Missing in the picture.. Ain who was busy taking care of Amir yang tengah mengamuk nak main musical car.

My fav. pic of the day..

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