Friday, August 5, 2011

The human manuals

Sometimes I wish there are specific subjects about human beings during my undergraduate/postgraduate.

Or, sometimes I wish each and every individuals I met came with a manual so that I know how to deal with them without cracking my brain.

Teaching engineering is a challenge, yup. But dealing with different kind of students from different part of the world is even more challenging for me.

You always need to check back with your expectations and boundaries.

But rather than obsessing about your own expactations or boundaries, I've learned that other people have their own expectations and boundaries themselves.

What some people might consider as unusual might just be a mundane to another people.

So I've learned that we cannot be too rigid with the expectations.

Then, the BIG question appeared, how much to give in before you start to lose yourself?

What is the fuzzy percentage (gile, i'm sounding geek) grey area between ok and not ok?

How I sometimes wish there is an answer for that question.

But life has no shortcut.

You have to learn the theory, then practice it in actual life to validate your theory and do a post mortem afterwards. You might need to fine tune here and there along the way. Macam buat research..

And I guess that is the reason why life just seems more and more interesting each passing day. Hhmmm..

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