Monday, August 8, 2011

Preparing for the birth of my baby :)

11 more weeks to my EDD, can you believe it??

Finally you're coming to us, Little Precious!!! Insya Allah.

I'm about to have the biggest battle of my life so far, the best achievement, and yes.. I'm more than excited to prepare for the birthing of you, Little Precious!!

To do list for the third trimester (Insya Allah, I can do these)!

1) Routine pregnancy exercise.. (Paused for a while due to Ramadhan, insya Allah akan berdisiplin after Ramadhan!)

Love's favourite exercise, Angry Cat a.k.a Gelimat (as what he called it)

2) Do a lot of walking, my aim is to walk the whole Taman TAR every weekends. 2 km a day!! After Ramadhan, ok!
(Note: Walking is good for toning your muscles and improve your posture)

3) Sit on my gym ball for better posture. Bought it last weekend and used it everyday now!
(Note: Sitting on gym ball will give the most optimum position for your baby!)

RM 17.90 at Tesco for 55cms diameter, for petite like me!

4) Drink young coconut water everyday - no ice, no sugar. Alhamdulillah, progressing good these past three weeks.
(Note: Young coconut water can replace your membrane)

5) Eat virgin coconut oil (VCO) capsule everyday.
(Note: VCO helps to ease the labour process.)

RM32 for 60 capsules at HPA.

6) Recite Surah At-Taubah, Surah Yusuf, Surah Luqman, Surah Maryam and Surah Yasin as much as I can. Tips from a friend that had a really easy birth ->; Recite Yasin everyday starting from the 9th month :)

Watch this youtube video ->; Man Natural Submission. Very inspiring!

7) Drink air selusuh. This can be done by hubby dearest and is best done on Air Zam-zam. Boleh beli kat PKNS Bangi for RM10 per bottle.

8) Drink air akar fatimah. (Got this from my uncle whom recently got back from Umrah).

9) Practice my breathing and relaxation technique.

10) Listen to HypnoBirthing CD everyday.

11) Minta maaf kat semua orang esp. student2 yang selalu kena marah. Hehehe..

12) Recite doa for an easy birth. Ehem.. ehem.. Dr. Sumayyy...

13) Rub organic olive oil to the whole body - at east twice a day after bath. (So far my skin stays the way it was before pregnancy, I personally think olive oil is waaayyy better than Bio Oil or Cocoa Butter. I tried them both, btw. Kalau nak cantik, haruslah istiqamah dan berdisiplin. Hee..).

Gambatte ne!


Ummi to Hamzah said...

ikeen beli kat mana organic olive oil?kak mawar teringin nak try,been using bio oil tapi tak berdisplin.stretch mark from pregnancy belum betul2 go away :( is it pricey the organic olive oil?

Dr. Ikeen said...

Organic.. dekat HPA ada kak Mawar. Price is RM40 but banyak :)