Monday, August 1, 2011

Pureen warehouse and Parenthood Expo - July!!

I fell in love with Pureen warehouse the first time I went there on April --> blog all about it here.

Super duper cheap and the price of the baby clothes were unbeatable. Last month, we went there again. Shopped for half an hour only since we already knew what to buy and in which section to get them.

This time around, they have more options. And baby clothes that we bought, ranges from RM1 to RM3. Murah kan? I'm so gonna go there over and over again.

Last weekend, we did the final shopping for our Little Precious at Mid Valley during Parenthood Expo. Been there on May, and this time around was not as exciting as the previous one. Blog about the previous expo here.

Clothes were not that cheap, but we managed to buy some stuff there. Most of the stuff is for me during confinement. Bengkung, tungku herba, etc.

Now, I can cross off most of the things in my baby's checklist.. Well, except for the optional stuff and the mattress.

The mattress we custom made it from this website --> BabyLyd collection. Suke bangat!

Anyway, let me share my mommy's checklist as below:

Nursing bra - x8
Washable bra pad - x8
Perineal cream
Bio oil
Maternity pillow
Maternity pad
Bengkung - x2
Jamu HPA
Pad herba (for the first week)
Poncho (nursing cover)
Mandi herba
Virgin coconut oil

Less than 3 months to go, bring it on!

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