Friday, August 12, 2011

Thank God It's Friday!

The first time I tried TGI Friday's was on Valentine's 2005, with my soulmate back then.

I remember everything so vividly since it was a perfect date. I guess it was our first fancy date together, and he got me a rose afterwards and before we got back, we strolled along the road staring at the wonderful lights that shower the night.

I was in love.

We were in love.

I remember how I was pampered and loved and I used to say to myself, it would be nice to be married to someone that was as intellectually stimulating as him.

At TGI Friday's in 2005

6 years plus down the road, I visited TGI Friday's for the second time.

With the same soulmate.

And it was a perfect date. The food, the service, and most of all the company :)

I was in love.

We were in love.

And I am still being pampered and loved more and more each day. I feel like saying to the world, "Hey peeps, we're married.. finally".

Love with BBQ beef sandwich, oh so yummy!

Me with my Chicken Fajitas Nachos, pon sedap!!

Mini desserts; 3 for RM10.50. We chose Snickers, Oreo and Mocha Latte. The best has got to be Mocha Latte!!

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