Friday, September 30, 2011

Crossing off the 6th items of the year

Trust me, it's sooooooooooo hard to convince Mum of the fact that I want to get her a maid.

With Little Princess coming up, and I haven't yet used of having one super large tummy to even iron my own clothes comfortably, what more cleaning up my dusty room, I have no other options.

I want a maid for Mum to help her with housework when Little Princess pops out very soon. (She's been telling me that she'll take care of my children looongggg before I plan for one).

I know she is a superwoman already, but it wouldn't hurt to relax a little.. Now that Love and I afford to do so. (I have to thank Love for being so supportive mentally and financially ;p about the maid thingy!)

I decided to start slow. If full time maid seems way too hard for her, I decided to try with part time maid first.

Today is her first day with us. The moment I got home this evening, I was already super excited with the super duper clean house and ohh.. my room!! Lantai sangat licin!

And Mum? She seems happy.

I guess if you don't have that much time to help someone with something, the next best thing is to get someone else to do that something for her.

So, crossing off the 6th "To achieve list of the year". Three more to go, looking good, insya Allah. Ameen. I have faith.

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