Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

"By morning, you'll be gone.."

One of the quote from my super favourite movie of all time..

If you haven't yet watched the movie, it's about a woman named Clementine who underwent a procedure to erase her ex boyfriend, Joel from her memory after they broke up. Frustrated, Joel decided to do the same thing, but only to find out that as the memories faded away, he was still so much in love with her. Once they erased each other in their mind, somehow they had a history that neither remember and they met each other again at Montauk and fell in love all over again without knowing they were a couple back then.

Sweet gils! But almost impossible.

How could you erase something from your mind that easily?? I would be happy to erase every bad memories in my mind if there exist such procedure! Haha!!

One important thing I've learned in my Hypnobirthing class is how to let go of the past. Our subconcious mind works very much like a kid. All the memories that we have are like pages in books which we can tear and just burn the pages that we are not fond of.

I know I sound funny.

But I belived that Allah SWT gave us such powerful brain which we have the ability to control.

So, I have just teared every sigle not-so-beautiful memories I've had. And I feel so much in peace now.

Calmer but wiser :)