Monday, September 5, 2011

Haji Shahrin Low @ Jalan Ampang

I loveeeee Chinese Muslim food!!

I have been wanting to try Haji Shahrin Low for quite some times. So, I was more than happy when Hashir decided to have break fast gathering at the restaurant this year! Last year was at CPK, blogged all about it here.

My first impression of the restaurant was that it was too small. And the service was so-so. BUT, the food was sooooo sedap and cheap!!

See the bills, for 13 people and we ate until sangat2 full together with the yummiest dessert (Chinese pancakes) cost us only RM25 per pax!!

I especially love the Tauhu Telur Masin and Telur Masin Kw. Tau Meow. Yummy!!

Picture of us at Haji Shahrin, tade group photo this year.. :(

With Love and Mr. Organizer, Hashir

Nadia, Aini and hubby.

Raihan, Fadh and Ieja. Ieja looks adorable with hijjab :)

Jep, Farah, Faiz and Shameem!

After break fast, we went to Tutti Frutti for desert. The first time we went there, it cost us a bomb. So, this year, belajar dari Shameem.. dah pandai ambil berpada2. Cost us only RM6.. Red Velvet + Death by Chocolate :)

Had funnnn!! Hope to see you guys next year with Little Princess around!!~

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