Sunday, September 18, 2011

Make an adjustment

Been busy with a cousin's wedding these past two weeks.

Last Saturday night was the groom's reception. But nope, I'm not here to talk about the beautiful wedding (the wedding was beautiful, btw) or the gorgeous bride (and the bride was stunning of course). I'm here to talk about the speech of the father of the bride.

Many times I either get bored or get all teary by the speeches during weddings.

But, this is the first time I found a wedding speech that is truly inspiring.

My uncle started his speech with how languages differ these days. Back then, he said 'gay' means 'happy', 'ass' means 'donkey', 'chick' means 'a newly hatched bird', 'cock' means a 'rooster' and 'straight' means 'a line that is not bent'.

But now, with the new technology and all, everything differs. Even his two year old grandson brings ipad everywhere he goes now. And the languages, of course differ.

In my uncle's visits to 25 high schools in KL, he asked the headmister/headmistress if they know the meaning of "LOL!"

Only 1 out of 25 knows the meaning of "LOL"..

We often thought teachers were the ones that can touch the heart of the youngsters better and here the reality sits in, they don't even speak the same languages.

So the moral of the uncle's speech to his son is to "Make an adjustment" to the son's kids when they have one later. It's going to be a different world apart, us and our kids, and we are the ones that need to make the adjustments to adapt to them.

And it hits me, really hard that the simple speech can actually make me cry.

How many times in my teaching life, I've been complaining of not understanding my student's emails or smses. Bigger things, their attitudes per say. And I kept on comparing how I was not treating my lecturer that way back in my studying life.

When the truth is, I am not willing to make any adjustment at all to actually reach them...

Little Princess, I will try to make an adjustment for you k, anything it takes. ♥

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