Sunday, October 2, 2011


Dear Little Princess,

The moment I wrote you this letter, I was at the lowest point of my life since I have you in my tummy.

Our gynae finally made a decision about our birth plan.. She firmly rejected it without willing to negotiate even a little.

As you know Little Princess.. I want you to be born as natural as possible.. Now I even have the thought of birthing you at home with daddy. But, I'm not as courageous yet. So the best thing we can do, Little Princess, is to wait as long as possible at home. We must work together; you, me and daddy as a family.

Tell me when you're ready to see the world, then only we take a very slow drive to hospital ok.

If you decide it's best for you to birth in the car, daddy and I are totally ok with it. Whatever best for you. Whatever best for us, Dear God.

As for now, we have to be more connected k, tell me when you're ready.

We're doing this for a good cause Little Princess, Allah SWT will help us along the way. Just have faith.

IBW, with love.


Izrin said...

aww.. this is soo sweet.. i almost cried. But I didnt nanti abg long ejek me. i cant wait too dear.. i'm coming home on the 20th, harap2 sempat la nak tggu kat hospital with the whole family.

kzedz said...

what happened? ur gynae memang tak setuju langsung bcoz of what? i doakan yg terbaik :)

Dr. Ikeen said...

Kak Izrin: Haha. Kelakar Abg Long ejek. Tu la harap2 sempat kan Kak Izrin. I can't wait!

Kzedz: Gynae tak setuju, dia jenis yang memang buat episotomy from the beginning, and rupture membrane depends on heartbeat baby. Yang tak tahan tu dia kata dia takkan minta permission kalau nak seluk. Ayat dia, "Penat la doktor kalau everytime nak seluk kena minta permission". (T_T) Nak tukar gynae. Tq very much for the prayers. :)

Khadeejah Hasmad said...

Dear ikeen, have u join gentle birth buddy chat grp kat fb? If not, pls let me know. I will add u. We discuss about gentle birth, support each other, etc. We even share abt which doc n which hosp is gentle birth friendly. Wai Han also in that group, so as many other gentle birth sifu. Pls change doctor. Huhu. Sedihnya baca... :'(

Dr. Ikeen said...

Thank you, Kdy for the suggestion! I appreciate sangat. I dapat lots of positive feedbacks from the group. Thank you!!! May Allah SWT bless you and your family. Sangat2 lega and happy :)

Shuba said...

Dear Ikeen, your detailed sharing of your gynae experience and the list of doctors who support hypnobirthing helped me a great deal. I was condering Columbia Cheras because it's closer to home, and know nothing of Dr Haw until I googled for him and found your blog. Thank you for sharing so much. Shuba, first-time-mother-to-be.