Thursday, December 8, 2011

Surviving confinemnt

Woottttt!! I survived the 44 days of confinement!! :)

I wouldn’t say it was an easy one. Not mentally, not physically. I’m done with 44 days of having to ikat rambut, having to wear long sleeves and kain batik all the time (masa pantang panas gile badan!), bertungku pagi and petang for the whole 44 days (believe it or not, i did that!), berpilis, berbarut, bertangas. Lagi the food!!! Haiyo, bosan!!!!!~

Alhamdulillah, I’m through all that. Though some things, I have to still do until hari ke 100. Such as no air sejuk, bertungku still everyday in certain parts and barut? Haha, now have to wear girdle siang and malam. For petite like me, the best girdle has got to be from Cosway. Makan masih jaga since I breastfeed Baby Khaira, but not as bad.

I haven’t yet go back to my pre pregnancy weight of 34kgs. Currently I am 35.8kgs. I don’t intend to get back to my old weight pon, I like the curves I have now. But still, could not help but being disappointed of the fact that most clothes still did not fit me :(

Finally, get out of the house after confinement. Visited my in laws!

Went to Shameem’s wedding at her house and at Hotel Istana. The grandest wedding I’ve ever attended!

Eh? Hijrah :)

Had to leave Baby Khaira behind most of the time we were out. My parents have a strict restriction on bringing Khaira to shopping malls until she’s 6 months old. Which is fine by Love and me because we want her to be less exposed to the outside environment for longest possible. But, I miss her all the time, 4 hours pon rasa cam nak nangis. Pelik sungguh. How to go to work like this, Khaira?

But the best thing about ending the confinement is that slowly, I can find tune on what’s work for Baby Khaira and what’s not. Alhamdulillah.

Baby Khaira pon dah pandai main! Last night, Love candid the most adorable photo of us, my current fav.

Saya sayang awak a lot, Khaira!

As of now, busy preparing to move in to our new house and busy preparing for Khaira’s Aqiqah. Again, to all WAHMs out there, semakin hari semakin cemburu!

P/S: I bought the fight ticket to Bali yesterday! Minggu ni fuel surcharge AirAsia murah!


kzedz said...

eqin, i'm so happy for you.. alhamdulillah dh hbs pantang.. and the most important thing is dh berhijab.. u look so cute!!! all the best to you~ bila naik kerja?

armouris said...

lagi info tentang bertungku - Cara Bertungku Dengan Mudah Semasa Berpantang

Sumayyah Mohd Idris said...


Dr. Ikeen said...

kzedz: Alhamdulillah. Thank you. I masuk kerja 6th Jan, took additional leave!

Armouris: I did use the tungku elektrik for a while, will blog about it later Insya Allah.

Dr. Sumay: :)