Saturday, February 25, 2012

Motherhood Expo KLCC 2012 Review

My personal review.. Tak best!

HOWEVER, among all expos we've been, this surely was the one where we spent most money on. Ironic?

Yang best..

Little Bean Food Processor, selling for half the normal price. RM150 je k!

We bought another stroller for Little Khaira, this one is for Bali. Brand: See Baby, 2.5 kg, cost us RM110 je :)

Heinz booth, baru tau Heinz pon ada jual organic food, 3 small jars for RM10. I don't really like processed food for Khaira, but untuk travelling in Bali so that it'll be easier. Tapi, kalau jumpa pisang, think I just gave her that. Though Heinz Organic is organic, it's still processed food kan.

Tapi yang berhabis beribu raban ni kat Booth Grolier..

We better make full use of it! We, as in Khaira and I. Kapal?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Takpelah berhabis pon, Love and I rarely splurge for Khaira, but I guess there is no better way to splurge for her other than this. Insya Allah :)

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